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atelier, artist's studio or workroom; mill, works; garage; pit

garage, workshop



(n.) = shop ; workshop ; shop floor ; studio ; machine shop ; mechanic workshop ; mechanic garage ; garage.
Ex: In strong contrast to, say, television sets and instant coffee, where the consumer may save by shopping around, there is no advantage to be gained by going to one shop rather than another for a book so far as price is concerned.
Ex: The customers preferred to go in by a glazed door set in the shop-front and giving onto the street, even though this meant going down some steps, the floor of the workshop being below road-level.
Ex: The system is being used daily on the shop floor and has virtually eliminated the production of low quality parts that must be scrapped.
Ex: The author describes the design of the new studios which aim to be as flexible as possible.
Ex: The questionnaire was then sent to machine shops throughout the State of Oklahoma.
Ex: Thus, in order to replace the punctured tire by a new one, the automobile should be driven to a mechanic workshop nearby.
Ex: Both the mechanic garage and the bodywork workshop suffered extensive damage to the roof, and 11 cars belonging to customers were also damaged by heat and smoke during the fire.
Ex: Each time it's been in the garage, it drives OK for about 10-15 miles, before starting to play up again.
* escuela taller = technical school.
* jefe de taller = overseer.
* organizar un taller de trabajo = hold + a workshop.
* taller artesanal = arts and crafts workshop.
* taller de asesoramiento jurídico = legal advice surgery.
* taller de chapa y pintura = bodywork workshop ; bodywork garage.
* taller de encuadernación = bindery.
* taller de fundición = foundry.
* taller de fundición de tipos = type-foundry ; type-foundry.
* taller de imprenta = printing house ; printing firm ; printing company ; print shop.
* taller de impresión = print shop ; printing firm ; printing house.
* taller de máquinas = machine shop.
* taller de mecánica = garage ; mechanic garage.
* taller de reparación de zapatos = shoe repair shop.
* taller de reprografía = reprographics workshop.
* taller de restauración = restoration workshop.
* taller de trabajo = workshop ; study school.
* taller de trabajo esclavo = sweatshop.
* taller de trabajo sobre composición = writing workshop.
* taller gráfico = printing company ; printing press ; printing firm ; printing house.
* taller mecánico = mechanic workshop ; mechanic garage ; garage.

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