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savories, fingerfood
lid, cover, top; housing; appetizer
cover; shield, screen; close; plug; seal


savories, tiny servings

(n.) = finger food.
Ex: The building has two levels, the first being a café where people can sit and hang out with some finger food whereas the upper storey is a music studio. (n.) = cover ; lid ; flap ; board ; top ; housing cover.
Nota: Generalmente de mecanismos.
Ex: Thus, for instance, a title statement will be extracted from a title page, and not from the cover or the spine.
Ex: The casting-box for flong moulds was a flat iron case like a portfolio with one hinged lid.
Ex: This article argues that box designs for small books have 3 shortcomings: their corners tend to gape; strings, buttons and other fixing arrangements clutter the outside of the box; and the box flaps are too soft causing it to be pushed out of alignment.
Ex: A covering material of fast, even colour, was eventually produced that was impervious to the adhesive with which it was stuck to the boards.
Ex: Documents should be kept in acid free boxes with loose fitting tops on shelves preferably made from baked enamel steel.
Ex: A spoken dialogue between the system and the trainee would proceed as follows: System 'Try to assemble the air compressor' Trainee : 'How?' System: 'Install pump, install pump brace, install pulley, install belt housing cover.
* edición en tapa = hardback ; hardbound ; hardcover.
* edición en tapas duras = hardback ; hardcover.
* encuadernado en tapa = hardbound ; cased.
* fabricación de tapas = casemaking [case-making].
* libro encuadernado en tapa = hard book cover ; hardback cover ; hardback book.
* máquina de fabricar tapas = casemaking machine.
* quitar la tapa = uncap.
* tapa anterior = front cover.
* tapa de alcantarilla = manhole cover.
* tapa de frasco = jar lid.
* tapa del inodoro = toilet lid ; loo lid.
* tapa del lector de CDROM = drive door.
* tapa del váter = toilet lid ; loo lid.
* tapa de registro = manhole cover.
* tapa de tarro = jar lid.
* volarle la tapa de los sesos a Alguien = blow + Posesivo + head off.
(n.) = appetiser [appetizer, -USA] ; snack ; tapa ; snack food ; snack meal.
Ex: To begin with, both methods are appetizers since they stimulate a desire to read for oneself what one has heard told = Para empezar, ambos métodos sirven de aperitivo puesto que estimulan el deseo de leer por uno mismo lo que hemos oído contar.
Ex: Many receptions this year will serve sufficient snacks and hors d'oeuvres, so you may not have to plan to have a meal afterwards.
Ex: A watering hole in Spain is serving up free beer and tapas to recession-weary customers who insult its bartenders as a way to let off steam.
Ex: First developed in the seventh century, pretzels have been called one of the world's oldest snack food.
Ex: Welsh rarebit is a great snack meal which can be prepared and cooked in less tham 15 minutes.
* tapas = finger food.
(v.) = whitewash ; cover up ; screen ; blot out ; pug ; enshroud ; seal ; screen from + view ; shield from + view ; hide from + view.
Ex: A number of volumes whitewashing this fascist wartime state were published in 2001.
Ex: The grating was used to cover up dryer and toilet vents on the side of the building.
Ex: During the war, all of the light fittings on the bridge were screened as a blackout measure.
Ex: Las Vegas was once notorious for loose morals, fast living and financial transactions murky enough to blot out the desert sun.
Ex: He fixed the leaky faucet by pugging it with a cork, hammering it in with a mallet, wrapping it up with electrical tape, and leaving it to increase in water pressure until the pipe exploded .
Ex: Come, sweet slumber, enshroud me in thy purple cloak.
Ex: A spider web of metal, sealed in a thin glass container, a wire heated to brilliant glow, in short, the thermionic tube of radio sets is made by the hundred million, tossed about in packages, plugged into sockets -- and it works!.
Ex: Pool equipment must be screened from view with landscaping or walls that match the color and finish of the house.
Ex: The idea that nursing mothers need to be 'shielded from view' may strike breastfeeding advocates as unnecessarily modest.
Ex: Cigarettes and other tobacco products will now have to be hidden from view in all large shops and supermarkets in England.
* sin tapar = uncovered.
* tapar grietas = caulk + cracks ; chink.
* tapar la vista = block + the view ; obscure + the view.
* tapar rendijas = caulk + cracks ; chink.
* taparse = gunge up ; gunk up.

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