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mob; turf, peat
trouble, disturb; embarrass


it upsets

(n.) = mob ; peat ; rabble.
Ex: Whilst in Panizzi's employ, Edward refused to act as a special constable to protect the British Museum against the Chartist mobs.
Ex: These are animal sculptures created from natural materials, e.g., hay, moss and peat.
Ex: On his return, his house was assaulted by a large concourse of rabble, who broke all the windows and attacked, pelted, beat and otherwise ill-treated him.
* de turba = peaty.
* sin contenido en turba = peat-free.
* sin turba = peat-free.
* turba de esfagno = sphagnum peat.
(v.) = fudge ; disquiet ; roil ; faze ; embarrass.
Ex: This adaptation of David Leavitt's novel wobbles between comedy and melodrama, ultimately fudging the novel's spiky empathy.
Ex: You must each have been deeply disquieted by the miserable scenes which have been acted in your native Ireland.
Ex: Financial markets, which had been roiled Tuesday by a falling dollar and soaring energy prices, recovered some of their losses Wednesday.
Ex: Arranged marriages, which are so the norm here in India, always seem to faze the non-Indians.
Ex: Native American children should have books that do not demean or embarrass them or their heritage nor put them on a pedestal.
* turbar el orden público = disturb + the peace ; breach + the peace.

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