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USA, United States of America, country located in North America, country located south of Canada and north of Mexico
use, utilize, take advantage of; practice; employ; exploit; treat; consume; explode

it uses

* base de datos del gobierno de USA = CRECORD ; FEDREG.
* Red Informativa de las Bibliotecas de Investigación en USA = RLIN.
(v.) = adopt ; call on/upon ; deploy ; employ ; make + use of ; rely on/upon ; take ; use ; utilise [utilize, -USA] ; draw on/upon ; use up ; mobilise [mobilize, -USA].
Ex: The concept of corporate authorship was first formulated in the BM code and has been adopted in all subsequent English language codes.
Ex: It can only be a matter of time before we have in effect a complete set of MARC records to call on for details of any item we require.
Ex: The article presents the results of trials in which the model was deployed to classify aspects of the construction industry, such as construction norms and regulations.
Ex: The size of the collections in which the LCC is currently employed is likely to be a significant factor in its perpetuation.
Ex: The example search in figure 8.3 shows how the statements in an online search make use of Boolean logic operators.
Ex: When BNB began publication in 1950 it relied upon the fourteenth edition of DC.
Ex: A common standard serial interface is the RS232C which takes a 24-pin plug and is commonly used to connect many peripherals including printers and modems.
Ex: A study of bibliographic classification could concentrate solely upon the major, and some of the more minor bibliographic classification schemes used today.
Ex: Clearly both tools record controlled indexing languages, but they are utilised in different environments.
Ex: Bay's essay was produced to commemorate the 400th anniversary of Gesner's birth and draws upon a mass of contemporary source material.
Ex: Plug-in programs have grown widely, they add functionality to a WWW browser but also use up drive storage space or conflict with other types of programs.
Ex: It is time for all librarians to change their attitudes and become involved, to seek funds and mobilise civic organisations and businesses in cooperative efforts.
* al usarse = in use.
* aparato para usar Internet = Internet appliance.
* cámara de usar y tirar = disposable camera.
* capaz de usar el correo electrónico = e-mail literate.
* cuchillo de usar y tirar = disposable knife.
* desacostumbrar a usar el biberón = wean + Nombre + off the bottle.
* desacostumbrar a usar el chupete = wean + Nombre + off the dummy.
* de usar y tirar = disposable ; throwaway ; single-use.
* enseñado a usar el baño = potty-trained.
* enseñar a usar el baño = potty training.
* enseñar usar el orinal = potty training.
* fácil de usar = easy-to-use ; user friendly.
* hacer que no se use = render + unused.
* listo para usar = off-the-rack ; ready-to-use.
* listo para usarse = on tap.
* no usarse = go + unused.
* plato de usar y tirar = disposable plate.
* que puede ser usado a través de la web = web-compliant.
* seleccionar en pantalla usando el contraste de colores = highlight.
* servilleta de usar y tirar = disposable napkin.
* tenedor de usar y tirar = disposable fork.
* usando = by use of.
* usando el tiempo de un modo eficaz = time efficient [time-efficient].
* usar Algo bien = put + Nombre + to good use ; turn + Nombre + to good account ; put + Nombre + to good account ; use + Nombre + to good account.
* usar Algo con buen provecho = use + Nombre + to good advantage.
* usar Algo de un modo muy diluido = spread + Nombre + thinly.
* usar como gasto deducible = write off.
* usar como modelo = use + as a model.
* usar con mesura = eke out.
* usar con precaución = use + with caution.
* usar de forma general = widely applied.
* usar de manera general = be in general use.
* usar de un modo descuidado = bandy (about/around) ; bat + Nombre + around/about.
* usar de un modo despreocupado = bandy (about/around) ; bat + Nombre + around/about.
* usar drogas = do + drugs.
* usar eficazmente = tap.
* usar enchufes = pull + strings.
* usar en exceso = overuse.
* usar excesivamente = overuse.
* usar fuera de contexto = use + out of context.
* usar inadecuadamente = misuse.
* usar indebidamente = misuse.
* usar indistintamente = use + interchangeably.
* usar la materia gris = put + Posesivo + thinking cap on.
* usar mal = abuse ; misuse.
* usar + Posesivo + tiempo = use up + (Posesivo) + time.
* usarse = be in use.
* usarse en = be at home in.
* usar sobre la zona afectada = use + topically.
* usar superficialmente = nibble at.
* usar tiempo = use up + (Posesivo) + time.
* úsese = Use.
* úsese en lugar de (UF) = UF (use for).
* volver a usar = reuse [re-use].

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