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= from this time on ; hereafter ; thereafter ; whereafter ; from then on ; thenceforth ; henceforth ; from that moment on.
Ex: By 1960 a draft code had been produced, and from this time on, British and American Committees co-operated closely. Ex: Later cataloguing codes have tended to regard filing as a separate issue, and hereafter, special codes for filing are evident. Ex: At the two extremes, the order may simply be decided for each topic as and when it arises, and followed thereafter. Ex: No further developments in binding technology took place until the 1850s, whereafter most of the innovators were American, not English. Ex: Until the mid seventeenth century compositors generally sat to their work, but from then on it became more usual to compose standing up, an easier position for fast work. Ex: From 1751 to 1766 he copied out the details of all the various processes in two books, which were thenceforth kept in the factory's archives. Ex: Henceforth the inventory function was no longer to be a part of the functions of the library's catalog. Ex: Compound interest is the concept of adding accumulated interest back to the principal, so that interest is earned on interest from that moment on.

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