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in the short run, in the near future


short "term (Stock Market); short" term (finance)

= before very long ; short term [short-term] ; in the short run ; short-range ; at short notice ; in the short term ; short-run ; for the short haul ; for the short run ; over the short run ; over the short haul.
Ex: The moment we compromise among ourselves to adopt rules that are incompatible with ideology then I think we are merely providing the necessity before very long to have these changes brought about. Ex: Whether this is a short term phenomenon or not, remains to be seen. Ex: In the short run, the most likely prospect is for all current systems to continue with electronic formats merely adding to the richness of the human record. Ex: The astute leader will establish short- and long-range goals for the institution, develop specific objectives to accomplish those goals, and activities to meet the objectives. Ex: Each of the experts is available for telephone consultation at short notice. Ex: Controlled vocabulary is the best option in the short term = El vocabulario controlado es la mejor opción a corto plazo. Ex: Findings indicate that the short-run success of methadone programs does not automatically translate into long-run abstinence. Ex: Some jobs are good for the short haul, while others are built for the long run. Ex: I believe the answer to that is still negative, at least for the short run behavior of exchange rates. Ex: The concept is that wages don't change over the short run. Ex: Over the short haul the body might be able to handle high doses of a chemical without it causing damage.

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