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= on the cutting edge ; on the leading edge ; in the fast lane ; on the fast track ; at the leading edge ; on the bleeding edge.
Ex: The library has stayed on the cutting edge of technology. Ex: Academic libraries have been on the leading edge in the provision of services, navigation aids, and user training for the Internet = Las bibliotecas académicas han estado a la vanguardia de la provisión de servicios, herramientas de navegación y formación de usuarios de Internet. Ex: The article 'A charmed brew: document delivery and collection in the fast lane' examines the implications of the proliferation of document delivery services and types of access available for librarians. Ex: The article 'On the fast track or the road to nowhere' points to the growing practice of subsuming public libraries into larger departments headed by non-librarians = El artículo "A la vanguardia o en un camino sin rumbo" pone de manifiesto la costumbre cada vez más frecuente de incluir las bibliotecas públicas dentro de órganismos más grandes dirigidos por personal no bibliotecario. Ex: This process is likely to be doomed in a discipline at the leading edge of the changes of the information society. Ex: We will talk about four trends on the bleeding edge that are shaping the fast moving e-conomy.

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