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notwithstanding, regardless; considering

= all the same ; in spite of everything ; despite everything ; despite it all ; in spite of it all ; all this said ; regardless.
Ex: All the same, I think the incident improbable because he has been represented up till then as a cold, careful character. Ex: The film is less about idealism in the face of adversity than dumb resilience in spite of everything. Ex: The novel describes people waging an unequal struggle against circumstances and remaining hopeful despite everything. Ex: However, despite it all, Ludlam remains something of an enigma. Ex: Wharton makes it abundantly clear that, in spite of it all, she has numerous chances to take charge of her life. Ex: All this said, he is a restless person, but in the active, productive sense rather than a fidget. Ex: What can we do is rethink our query, or we can 'bash on regardless' using the power of the computer to perform lots more searches in the hope that 'something will turn up'.

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