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abandoned, deserted; neglected, derelict; forgotten; (Latin America) slovenly, careless; perverted


(adj.) = relegated ; neglected ; deserted ; abandoned ; lorn ; forsaken ; disused.
Ex: The recommendations seemed to indicate that the British Library would have been swamped with relegated books from the low-use stock of university libraries.
Ex: The work of the Belgian internationalist and documentalist, Paul Otlet (1868-1944) forms an important and neglected part of the history of information.
Ex: The best sequence in the movie takes place at a deserted train station where the children play hide and seek amongst the abandoned train cars.
Ex: It tells the story of a young detective who stumbles across a stash of jewel thieves hiding out in an abandoned house.
Ex: I felt lorn and bereft, then suddenly it was gone, leaving me empty and shaken the way a storm shakes the land and the sea.
Ex: She was his only intimate friend for years before he died, for he was a most lonely forsaken man.
Ex: There is also a museum of mining which is partly housed in a disused mine shaft.
* abandonado y en ruinas = derelict.
* niño abandonado = waif ; foundling.
* propiedad abandonada = abandoned property.
* quedarse abandonado en una isla desierta = be stranded on an inhabited island ; be cast away on a deserted island.
(adj.) = sloppy ; scruffy .
Ex: Even the best abstractors and indexers may be subject to sloppy practices and grammatical indiscretions from time to time.
Ex: The article 'Surprise: Scruffy Students Now Don Glad Rags for Class' reports that high school students throughout the country are dressing up these days and that what is chic varies from region to region.
(v.) = abandon ; abort ; drop ; eschew ; give up ; quit ; quit + Lugar ; relinquish ; stop ; leave + wandering in ; forsake ; sweep aside ; desert ; opt out (of/from) ; scrap ; pull back ; ditch ; surrender ; bail out ; bargain away ; dump ; maroon ; flake out ; leave by + the wayside ; get away (from) ; desist ; go + cold turkey ; walk out on ; walk out ; jump + ship ; junk ; drop by + the wayside.
Ex: The Library of Congress has now reconsidered the position, and abandoned what was known as its compatible headings policy.
Ex: It is important to know what police or fire responses are triggered by alarms and how that reaction can be aborted and the alarm silenced.
Ex: Unfruitful lines of enquiry are dropped and new and more promising search terms are introduced as the search progresses.
Ex: However, most contributors to the debate about the future of SLIS have eschewed practicalities in favour of sweeping and dramatic generalizations.
Ex: If support for quality cataloging is not going to be given, I think we should give it up entirely.
Ex: If you decide not to send or save the message, replace the question mark in front of 'Quit' with another character.
Ex: She rose, took his hand, wished him well, and quitted the room.
Ex: The Library will consider relinquishing them only when there is strong assurance that their transfer would not adversely affect the library community.
Ex: Program function key 1 (FP1) tells DOBIS/LIBIS to stop whatever it is doing and go back to the function selection screen.
Ex: It is our professional duty to help the reader, leading him from author to author, book to book, with enough sure-footed confidence that he is guided up the literary mountain and not left wandering in the viewless foothills because of one's own incompetence.
Ex: Indeed, she was delighted to forsake the urban reality of steel and glass, traffic and crime, aspirin and litter, for the sort of over-the-fence friendliness of the smaller city.
Ex: The development of optical fibres for information transmission has exciting potential here, but there is a very large investment in the present systems which cannot be swept aside overnight.
Ex: Recently, however, libraries have deserted the individual and have pandered too much to the needs of the general public.
Ex: The author takes a critical look at the UK government's education policy with regard to schools' 'opting out' of local government control.
Ex: There have even been rumours of plans to scrap most of the industrial side of its work and disperse key elements, such as the work on regional and industrial aid, to the provinces.
Ex: To pull back now would make both her and him look bad.
Ex: It is time that higher education institutions accepted the wisdom of collaboration and ditched, once and for all, the rhetoric of competition = Ya es hora de que las instituciones de enseñanza superior acepten la colaboración y rechacen, de una vez por todas, la competitividad.
Ex: Instead the two ecclesiastical disputes which arose from Diocletian's decree to surrender scriptures must be seen as more disastrous to Christian unity than the destruction of libraries.
Ex: In the article 'Bailing out' 9 of the 10 librarians interviewed admitted that they were trying to get out of librarianship partly due to unrealistic expectations learned in library school.
Ex: Reduced support is a fact of life, and librarians cannot bargain away their budget pressures.
Ex: The books may simply be laid before the librarian as they are found, 'dumped in his lap', as one writer puts it.
Ex: A seemingly simple tale of schoolboys marooned on an island, the novel 'Lord of the Flies' is an enigmatic and provocative piece of literature.
Ex: The actress flaked out again and the director is trying to line up a replacement.
Ex: She seeks to recontextualize those events that history has estranged, destroyed or capriciously left by the wayside.
Ex: Guards in the lead car of the convoy threw their doors open and ran for cover, screaming, 'Get away, get away'.
Ex: One of them sputtered and gesticulated with sufficient violence to induce us to desist.
Ex: Judging by the critical responses to the article so far, it looks like the world isn't quite ready to go cold turkey on its religion addiction.
Ex: There are many thankless jobs in this world, but does that mean you can just walk out on them for your own selfish reasons?.
Ex: At least five members of the audience walked out during the bishop's address.
Ex: A new study suggests that up to 40% of currently employed individuals are ready to jump ship once the economy rebounds.
Ex: I had a motherboard with a lot of bad capacitors so I decided to junk it instead of repairing.
Ex: He was one of the few workers who saw the project out to the very end when some had dropped by the wayside.
* abandonar el barco = abandon + ship.
* abandonar el trabajo en señal de protesta = walk out.
* abandonar las armas = put down + weapons.
* abandonar los estudios = drop out (from school) ; drop out of + school.
* abandonar los servicios de Alguien = drop out.
* abandonarse = go to + seed.
* abandonarse a = abandon + Reflexivo + to.
* abandonar toda esperanza = give up + (all) hope.
* abandonar (toda/la) esperanza = abandon + (all) hope.
* abandonar una idea = scrap + a plan.
* abandonar un hábito = stop + a habit.
* abandonar un proyecto = scrap + a plan.
* estudiante de bachiller que abandona los estudios = high-school dropout.
* estudiante universitario que abandona los estudios = college dropout.
* no abandonar = stick with ; stand by.
* persona que abandona Algo = quitter.

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