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lawyer, attorney, barrister; solicitor, one who offers legal advice to clients and may present petitions to the lower courts but is not a member of the bar
plead; champion, defend

advocate, lawyer


(n.) = attorney ; lawyer ; prosecutor ; barrister-at-law ; barrister ; trial lawyer ; trial attorney.
Ex: For example, an unwed woman who fears she is pregnant may have appointments made with an attorney in a legal assistance society and conselors in abortion clinics or maternity homes.
Ex: Conceived initially to demonstrate a potential tool to assist lawyers in adjudicatory proceedings, the system appears to have potential for addressing a broad spectrum of record management requirements.
Ex: This article discusses one case that illustrates how even well trained federal prosecutors can grow confused about how to apply the intellectual property law.
Ex: A barrister-at-law Barry quickly adjusted himself to the particular problems of the library profession.
Ex: An MP, a barrister, and a financial consultant present the case for charging Value Added Tax (VAT) on books.
Ex: All this deterioration has been to complicate and thereby fatten the pockets of trial lawyers in collusion with our judges.
Ex: Preparing for a trial can take a trial attorney several months to do.
* abogado civil = civilian lawyer ; people's lawyer.
* abogado de familia = family lawyer.
* abogado defensor = defence attorney [defense attorney, -USA] ; defence counsel.
* abogado de la corona = Queen's Counsel (QC).
* abogado del diablo = devil's advocate.
* abogado del estado = Queen's Counsel (QC).
* abogado de oficio = legal aid.
* abogado de presos = gaolhouse lawyer ; jailhouse lawyer.
* abogado especializado en divorcios = divorce lawyer.
* abogado fiscal = prosecuting attorney ; district attorney ; district counsel ; prosecutor counsel.
* abogado general = advocate-general.
* abogado matrimonialista = divorce lawyer.
* abogado procurador = solicitor.
* abogado sin escrúpulos = shyster ; shark lawyer.
* ayudante de abogado = paralegal [para-legal].
* bufete de abogados = law centre ; law firm ; law office.
* Colegio de Abogados = Law Society.
* despacho de abogados = law centre ; law office.
* firma de abogados = legal assistance society ; law firm.
* jerga de los abogados = legalese.
(v.) = contend ; defend.
Ex: The author contends that it is possible to view the search conducted with the aid of a series of menus as having strong similarities with the search through the hierarchy of a enumerative classification scheme.
Ex: A respondent is a candidate for a degree who, in an academic disputation, defends or opposes a thesis proposed by the praeses (q.v.); also called the defendant.
* abogar por = argue + in favour of ; plead for ; champion.

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