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guarantee; payment; deposit; subscription; fertilizer; manure
support; guarantee, vouch for; credit, pay; fertilize, manure; subscribe, purchase a subscription (to a magazine, concert hall, etc.); calm

compost, season ticket


(v.) = pay out ; pay ; pay up.
Ex: Within six months after receipt of the Prize, the winner must submit to IFLA HQ an interim report of the use made of the funds, and the second instalment will be paid out.
Ex: I am also committed, however -- and this is what our taxpayers are paying us for -- to serving our library users, the people who are paying our salaries.
Ex: Dennis played her along until she decided to back out at which time he threatened to imprison her unless she paid up $2 million.
(n.) = fertiliser [fertilizer, -USA].
Ex: The U.N.'s many agencies offer over 1000 titles annually on subjects as varied as women's rights, basic accounting and fertilizers.
* abono orgánico = compost.
* abono orgánico para macetas = potting compost ; potting soil.
* abono químico = chemical fertiliser.
* abono vegetal = compost.
* abono vegetal para macetas = potting compost ; potting soil.
* hacer abono orgánico = compost.
(n.) = credit ; season ticket ; book of tickets ; ticket book ; season pass.
Ex: Orders placed with a vendor as well as any credit or debit notes for the vendor are displayed by entering the number '9'.
Ex: In time, it could even portend a new trend in how season tickets are sold, across a spectrum of various sports.
Ex: These books of tickets are transferable and can therefore be shared with family, friends, colleagues, and guests.
Ex: Best of all, the ticket books are sold at a discount!.
Ex: Our season passes give you more of what you want: more fun, more thrills, and more savings.
* abono de autobús = bus pass.
* abono de temporada = season ticket ; season pass.
* abono de tren = rail pass.
* nota de abono = debit note.

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