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grandma, grannie (Informal); bonnet (Southern Cone); cradle, baby bed (Andean)
grandmother, mother of one's father or mother
grandfather; grandparent; ancestor, forefather, progenitor


(n.) = granny ; gran ; grandma ; Grams ; Gramma ; granma.
Ex: An ambitious study of the interrelationships of folklore and literature, this book resuscitates the figure of the granny using oral history and fieldwork.
Ex: Bring back the paddling pool so that mothers and grans can safely take children for a cheap day out; picnic and paddle safely like we used to in the 40s and 50s.
Ex: This tool enables people to click on the type of person they're having difficulty in choosing a gift for (e.g. mum, dad, granddad, grandma etc) and provides a selection of the most popular present for that person.
Ex: Grams is kicking up a storm at the care home she is currently residing in and is about to have her ass hauled onto the sidewalk if she doesn't quit at it any time soon.
Ex: Gramma and Grampa were so enchanted with the park that we decided to just do the nature trail, which turned out to be about a mile and a half trek around the park.
Ex: Christmas was especially festive with granma and granpa here to share it.

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