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boring, dull; humdrum, monotonous; tiresome, wearisome; bored, disinterested
monotony, something that lacks in variety
weary, bore
be bored; get bored



(adj.) = tedious ; deadly ; drab ; stodgy ; unexciting ; uninteresting ; wearisome ; weary ; bored ; boring ; wearying ; dreary ; uninspiring ; unmoving ; dull ; cut and dried [cut and dry] ; drearily ; vanilla ; plain vanilla.
Ex: In other places too many references could make for a very tedious search.
Ex: Some authors, of course, object to their work being subjected to compulsory dissection for exams in the traditional deadly manner and like Bernard Shaw, they swear to haunt anyone who so mistreats them (Shaw's ghost must be busy these days).
Ex: Have reading foisted on you as a duty, a task to be put up with, from which you expect no delight, and it can appear a drab business gladly to be given up.
Ex: One could easily prefer the convenience of the stodgy single-volume work.
Ex: The author argues that the advantages for higher education are unclear, and rather unexciting.
Ex: There is no such thing on earth as an uninteresting subject; the only thing that can exist is an uninterested person.
Ex: The earliest binding machines replaced the wearisome hand-beating of the sheets in order to fold them.
Ex: Humanity is returning to the downsized, reengineered, total quality management weary business world.
Ex: One should answer the telephone clearly and pleasantly -- not in a bored voice or in slurred haste.
Ex: This article shows how the dowdy and boring image of the stereotypical librarian as presented in fiction, taints the portrayal of all who work in libraries.
Ex: A new wave of books dealing frankly with such concerns as sex, alcoholism and broken homes was seen as a breakthrough, but plots and styles have begun to show a wearying sameness.
Ex: The city was considered to be seedy (decayed, littered, grimy, and dreary), crowded, busy, and strongly idiosyncratic (quaint, historic, colorful, and full of 'atmosphere').
Ex: Though the novel begins like a house ablaze, it later thickens slightly into an acceptable if uninspiring finale.
Ex: The outcome is strangely unmoving.
Ex: These librarians are given Haykin upon the day of their arrival and are expected to read the entire dull document and use it as a guideline in establishing subject headings.
Ex: I don't like to hear cut-and-dried sermons -- when I hear a man preach, I like to see him act as if he were fighting bees.
Ex: Quite apart from anything else, it is drearily boring, the tedium exacerbated by the grating monotony of Stein's voice.
Ex: And I'm not looking down on people who want to go to sex parties -- although I bet they're way more vanilla than the press is hinting at.
Ex: Many consider bonds to be the plain vanilla of the investing world, yet they can generate substantial returns.
* cuando el diablo está aburrido mata moscas con el rabo = idle hands are the devil's workshop/tools/playground.
* de forma aburrida = dully.
* de manera aburrida = dully.
* de un modo aburrido y pesado = tediously ; ponderously ; boringly.
* día aburrido = dull day.
* estar aburrido como una ostra = be bored stiff.
* lo aburrido = dullness.
* tener cara de (estar) aburrido = look + bored.
(v.) = pall ; bore ; wear + a little thin.
Ex: The experience of 'flying through' virtual worlds to discover the identities of hundreds of criptics nodes palls very quickly.
Ex: Frustrated by the limitations on developing work relationships with students, and bored with the demands of the library, she returned to teaching English.
Ex: His jauntiness can wear a little thin, and the buff will be sorry there is no index, but there is much to be grateful for in this book.
* aburrir = weary.
* aburrirse como ostras = be bored stiff ; be bored to death ; be bored to tears ; be bored out of + Posesivo + (tiny) mind.
* aburrirse como una ostra = bore + Nombre + to tears ; bore + Nombre + to death ; bore + Nombre + stiff.
* aburrirse (con) = be bored (with).
* aburrirse soberanamente = bore + Nombre + to tears ; bore + Nombre + to death ; bore + Nombre + stiff.
* aburrir un montón = bore + Nombre + to tears ; bore + Nombre + to death ; bore + Nombre + stiff.
* no aburrir a Alguien con todos los detalles = spare + Nombe + all the details.

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