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accessories; appliances; trimmings; property
accessory, supplementary; appendant; subordinate; incidental
appurtenance, accessory; attachment, appendage


(n.) = fixtures and fittings ; peripheral equipment ; props ; bathroom accessories ; bathroom fittings.
Ex: The form of these terms, whether descriptors or non-descriptors, is usually one of the following: two words linked by 'and' or '&', e.g. fixtures and fittings. Ex: Peripheral equipment such as barcode wands, desensitizers, and book stamps should be within easy reach of the operator. Ex: The exhibition was a retrospective and featured clippings from pornographic magazines, props from past performances (including syringes, chains, tampons, meat cleavers, and Vaseline), and press cuttings. Ex: The best bathroom accessories are those that you can wash or change on a whim. Ex: Sometimes second-hand materials, such as doors, windows and bathroom fittings are not only much cheaper but also of better quality . (n.) = side ; accessory ; attachment ; fitting ; fixture ; ancillary.
Ex: The course had concentrated on executive decision making, with a side excursion into the study and findings of Henry Mintzberg as reported in his book, 'The Nature of Managerial Work'.
Ex: If static is a problem, it can usually be cured by the use of an anti-static mat and regular applications of anti-static sprays, both available from accessory suppliers.
Ex: Film-strip projectors are usually equipped with an attachment for showing half-frame strips.
Ex: The author presents conclusions and recommendations about the planning process; exterior design and construction; interior design and fittings.
Ex: Finally partition walls and fixtures are added to customise each module to meet the needs of a particular library area.
Ex: Costs of the Xerox equipment and ancillaries are reported and marketing strategies for the system outlined.
* accesorio decorativo = ornamental fitting.
* accesorios = fixtures and fittings ; peripheral equipment ; props ; bathroom accessories ; bathroom fittings.
* accesorios de baño = bathroom accessories ; bathroom fittings.
* accesorios extras = bells and whistles.
* accesorios militares = militaria.
* accesorios ópticos = eyewear.
* caja de accesorios = kit.
* caja de accesorios de limpieza = cleaning kit.
* complementar con accesorios = accessorise [accessorize, -USA].
* juego de accesorios = kit ; toolkit.
* todos los accesorios extras = all the bells and whistles.

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