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acceptation, acceptance; uptake



(n.) = acceptance ; favour [favor, -USA] ; take-up ; uptake ; assent ; embrace ; accommodation ; thumbs up ; admission ; approval ; embracement.
Ex: Two remarkable features of the BM code are its acceptance of corporate authorship, and its use of form headings.
Ex: Since BC adheres closely to the educational and scientific consensus, BC found most favour with libraries in educational establishments.
Ex: One of the reasons for the relatively slow take-up of microcomputers in libraries in the Philippines is the problem caused by the multitude of languages used in the island group.
Ex: The project is investigating the factors which promote or inhibit the uptake of computers in primary schools.
Ex: The new Act, which received the royal assent in 1710, was not entirely to their taste however, for it ruled that copyright in a new book belonged not to its publisher but to its author.
Ex: The Web's full embrace of constant change means that even old friend sites may be unrecognisable after technology facelifts.
Ex: Whatever structure emerges will be one of accommodation and acceptance by the various stakeholders both in and outside the library.
Ex: The article 'Apple Macintosh: thumbs up? thumbs down?' considers whether online searchers should use Apple Macintosh machines.
Ex: Secondly, the admission of rules incompatible with the general ideology adopted inevitably entails subsequent remedial revision.
Ex: A number of more unusual arrangements have been tried, but none have met with wide approval.
Ex: The paper sounds a cautionary note about Singapore's recent embracement of the 'new regionalism'.
* aceptación pasiva = acquiescence.
* adquisición pendiente de examen y aceptación = on approval acquisition ; sending on approbation ; sending on approval.
* encontrar aceptación = find + favour ; find + acceptance ; find + a home.
* ganar aceptación = gain + favour.
* ganarse la aceptación de Alguien = gain + favour with/among + Nombre ; gain + Posesivo + favour.
* grado de aceptación = acceptance rate.
* nivel de aceptación = adoption rate ; acceptance rate.
* perder aceptación = lose + favour.
* tasa de aceptación = adoption rate ; acceptance rate.

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