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ironclad, battleship, dreadnought, type of warship
armor, cover with armor; protect
arm oneself


(n.) = armoured [armored, -USA] ; warship ; battleship ; dreadnought ; ironclad [iron-clad] ; ironclad battleship.
Ex: The use of clear armoured glass walls gives excellent visual supervision in the Rare Book Room and in the Manuscript and Local History Reading Room.
Ex: Thus a book on 'the history of naval warships' may be sought under history, navy or warships.
Ex: In 'upper town' streets are broad, quiet, and tree-shaded; the homes are tall and heavy and look like battleships, each anchored in its private sea of grass.
Ex: Figure 5 is a sketch of a dreadnought.
Ex: He also highlights some of the naval innovations of the war, including submarines, ironclad vessels, and new types of mines.
Ex: Ironclad battleships played a vital role during the Civil War assault on Charleston.
* acorazado de la armada = navy warship.
* infantería acorazada = armoured infantry.
* vehículo acorazado = armoured vehicle.

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