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activate; push on

enable, activate

to enable, to activate

(v.) = activate ; initialise [initialize, -USA] ; trip ; set on ; actuate ; set in + motion ; energise [energize, -USA] ; drive ; set in + train ; put in + train ; enable.
Ex: Deferred orders are activated when the 'claim overdue order' function is run.
Ex: These fields do not need to be initialized.
Ex: The cord which trips its shutter may reach down a man's sleeve within easy reach of his fingers.
Ex: You can also select this option on the Setup Options screen to set postings on permanently.
Ex: CRG has always remained an amateur organization in the sense that it does not dispose of large funds, and its members are actuated by enthusiasm for the subject rather than by the hope of wealth.
Ex: If someone reports that a member of the staff is drunk while on the job, the supervisor must immediately set in motion the prescribed personnel procedures for verifying the charge, issuing a warning, observing and documenting future performance, and, if necessary, initiating a dismissal action.
Ex: This will enhance the utility of the public libraries and energise the public librarian as a change agent.
Ex: The notation 796.33 is used for sporst involving an inflated ball propelled (driven) by foot.
Ex: The slightest disturbance may set in train a process of degradation-as from forest to grassland, or grassland to desert.
Ex: Following that vote, the Government put in train an analysis of the reasons the document was voted down.
Ex: Equally, various trade directories and other lists need to list and organise names in a form that will enable a searcher to find information about an organisation or person.
* activar una señal = activate + signal.
* activar un dispositivo de control = set + control.
* activar un proceso = activate + process.
* activar un sistema = activate + system.

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