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active, energetic; alert, brisk; deedful


(adj.) = active ; underway [under way] ; lively ; proactive [pro-active] ; in operation ; spry ; sprightly ; industrious ; energetic.
Ex: This function can be used when some information on an active order has to be changed.
Ex: Experiments in improved document delivery systems, and the establishment of networks between libraries are under way.
Ex: 'Turnover of stock' is, then, an important part of successful and lively bookselling.
Ex: Compiling information of this nature requires a proactive and not a reactive approach to the task.
Ex: However, the network remained in operation until its management was taken over by the fascist regime.
Ex: A spry 80 years young, Virginia has been painting murals for the last 50 years and a lot can be said for the advantages of experience.
Ex: He was described as a 'sprightly nonagenarian' who was born in 1905.
Ex: The article 'Books made to order: libraries as publishers' reviews the practice of publishing as an activity for industrious smaller libraries.
Ex: She has been a vital and energetic voice in the movement to increase the sensitivity and responsibility of libraries to social issues, as well as a first-rate cataloger.
* activo de nuevo = up and about.
* activos socialmente, los = socially committed, the.
* componente activo = active ingredient.
* en activo = practising [practicing, -USA].
* estar activo = be up and about.
* hiperactivo = hyperactive.
* horas activas = waking hours ; waking day.
* ingrediente activo = active ingredient.
* mantener activo = keep + Nombre + going.
* mantener Algo activo = keep + Nombre + at the fore.
* muy activo = afire.
* participar de forma activa = involve.
* participar de forma activa en = engage in.
* persona activa = active person.
* personas muy activas, las = those on the go.
* población activa = work-force [workforce] ; labour force ; working population ; economically active population.
* principio activo = active ingredient.
* publicación seriada activa = active serial.
* seguir activo = remain + in being ; remain + in place.
* verbo activo = active verb.
* zona activa = hot spot.
(n.) = assets ; asset base.
Ex: Those eligible normally include only companies with less than 45 million of net fixed assets and fewer than 500 employees.
Ex: The first implication I would draw is that the achievement of scale in a way that substantially increases the riskiness of the asset base may prove to be counter-productive.
* activo digital = digital assets.
* activo fijo = fixed assets.
* activo fijo tangible = tangible fixed assets.
* activo tangible = tangible assets.
* capital activo = working capital.
* congelar + Posesivo + activos = freeze + Posesivo + assets.

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