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adaptation; accommodation; adjustment

adaptation, adaptor, adaption, adjustment adaptation


(n.) = adaptation ; customisation [customization, -USA] ; profiling ; tweaking ; tailoring ; retrofitting ; tweak ; accommodation ; acclimatisation [acclimatization, -USA] ; adjustment ; adaptability ; fitting.
Ex: Which title will collocate the various editions, translations, adaptations, and so on of this document?.
Ex: The evaluation model therefore is subject to a degree of customisation to adapt it to the project environment.
Ex: Some excursions into cognitive science have led to the profiling of users' backgrounds, differences and immediate need.
Ex: The PCC intends that Program records, full or core, represent acceptable bibliographic control such that record 'tweaking' at the local level is minimized.
Ex: To haul themselves out of their bog, their networks must facilitate tailoring of records to meet local needs.
Ex: This paper describes the recipients of the award, 3 of which won for new buildings, 1 a major renovation and 2 adaptive retrofittings of library structures.
Ex: This system simultaneously searches the Web and a large, multidisciplinary, full text database, using a relevance system with some clever tweaks.
Ex: Whatever structure emerges will be one of accommodation and acceptance by the various stakeholders both in and outside the library.
Ex: The second section discusses the contributions faculty can make to the successful acclimatization of their handicapped students to college life.
Ex: Even in situations where there is a published list covering the requirements of the type of library to be indexed, this list is likely to require adjustment in order to make it compatible with local requirements.
Ex: The duration of the cycle varies markedly from institution to institution, dependent upon the adaptability of the institutional structure to challenge and change.
Ex: At a shoe fitting she was told that the vamp was too long and she should switch to a shoe that showed more of her foot.
* adaptación a las circunstancias locales = localisation [localization, -USA].
* adaptación al cine = film adaptation.
* adaptación cinematográfica = film adaptation.
* adaptación musical = adaptation ; musical adaptation.
* adaptación para televisión = dramatisation [dramatization].
* adaptación social = social adjustment.
* adaptación teatral = dramatisation [dramatization].
* adaptación tecnológica = adaptive technology.
* de adaptación = adaptive ; adaptative ; adjustive.

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