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besides, moreover, furthermore

besides, in addition, moreover

also also

= additionally ; also ; aside ; Verbo + further ; further ; furthermore ; moreover ; to boot ; at that ; for what it's worth [FWIW] ; and all ; beyond that ; withal ; plus.
Ex: Additionally, menu-based information retrieval systems permit the selected option to be indicated on a simple numerical keypad if so designed.
Ex: This simple observation also goes some of the way towards explaining the variety of tools, methods and systems which are encountered in the organisation knowledge.
Ex: Cost considerations aside, an informative abstract is to be preferred in most instances.
Ex: Main classes are divided into subclasses which are further subdivided into form, place, time and subject aspects.
Ex: Further, no guidance can be expected on alternative terms that are related to the searcher's initial search term.
Ex: Furthermore, since each systems indexes a separate set of documents, each system will have a different natural indexing language.
Ex: Moreover, it was stated that only selected elements of subject indexing will be included.
Ex: Such information will soon be replete with the requisite illustrations and, if need be, with sound explanations to boot.
Ex: Terry Lugg, on the other hand, is a much less active borrower, though more active than Stephen Hathaway, and takes books from the science collection, the pure sciences at that.
Ex: For what it's worth, you can greatly extend the range by using an antenna.
Ex: There is no better way for reference librarians to see how their efforts are perceived by library users than to see themselves in action -- blunders and all.
Ex: Beyond that, a library can create these commons in cyberspace as well as in public buildings = Más aún, la biblioteca puede crear estos espacios públicos comunes en el ciberespacio además de en los edificios públicos.
Ex: And withal they learn to be idle, wandering about from house to house; and not only idle, but tattlers also and busybodies, speaking things which they ought not.
Ex: All of these (except PREVIOUS and NEXT), plus some additional commands are also available from the Command Menu.
* además de = along with ; apart from ; as well as ; besides ; coupled with ; in addition (to) ; over and above ; plus ; quite apart from ; aside from ; on top of ; other than ; complete with ; not least ; beyond ; together with ; not to mention ; outside of.
* además de eso = add to this ; beyond that.
* además de ..., hay otros + Nombre = with ..., there are + other + Nombre.
* además del belga = extra-Belgian.
* además de otras cosas = quite apart from anything else.
* además de todo esto/eso = on top of all of this.
* además de todo esto/eso = on top of everything (else).
* además otro(s) = still (an)other(s).
* Adjetivo + y además + Adjetivo = Adjetivo + if + Adjetivo.
* referencia "véase además" = see also reference.
* véase además = see also.
* y además = then again ; and on top of that.
* y además otro(s) = still (an)other(s).

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