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warning, caution; caveat, admonition; reminder; premonition

advice note


(n.) = word of caution ; warning ; word of warning ; caveat ; admonition ; proviso ; cautionary note ; cautionary word ; wake-up call ; admonishment ; alert ; heads up ; warning label.
Ex: Finally a word of caution: do not expect too much.
Ex: No, he was not one to take off like a deer at the first warning of certain dangers.
Ex: One word of warning before starting: products, concepts, applications of information technology are currently in a state of rapid evolution.
Ex: But no litany of caveats should be allowed to obscure the fact that on-line searching has added a major weapon to the reference librarian's arsenal.
Ex: One of George Santayana's dicta, which is engraved as a guiding principle in my mind, is his admonition that 'Those who ignore the past are condemned to repeat it'.
Ex: The term thesaurus will be used here to denote such lists, with the proviso that this is strictly speaking a misuse of the term.
Ex: The different standards involved are described with cautionary notes on their limitations and the balance between standardisation and innovation.
Ex: The article 'A few cautionary words about electronic publishing' argues that advances in microform technology have obviously fallen far behind their potential.
Ex: These incidents should serve as a wake-up call for libraries planning a move.
Ex: He chose not to abide by the admonishments who warned that serving simultaneously as politician and journalist would call into question their ability to act in the best interests of the public.
Ex: The author reviews a number of Web sites that offer product warnings and business scam alerts.
Ex: The article is entitled 'Heads up: confronting the selection and access issues of electronic journals'.
Ex: But one Michigan woman says the candies are so chewy, they should come with a warning label.
* advertencia de suspensión = caveat emptor.
* advertencia precoz = early warning.
* advertencia sanitaria = health warning.
* advertencia temprana = early warning.
* a modo de advertencia = cautionary ; precautionary.
* aviso de advertencia = warning label.
* dar una advertencia = raise + a caveat ; issue + warning.
* disparo de advertencia = warning shot ; warning shot across the bows.
* etiqueta de advertencia = warning label.
* hacer una advertencia = raise + a caveat.
* llamada de advertencia = wake-up call.
* nota de advertencia = warning label.
* señal de advertencia = safety notice.

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