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stricken, afflicted; troubled; sorrowful
afflict, distress, trouble; ail
grieve, mourn; repine

sorry, aggrieved, sorrowful


(adj.) = distressed ; ailing ; contrite ; bereft ; desolate ; disconsolate ; grieving ; heartbroken.
Ex: When at one stage of his journey Christian lost his roll, he was very distressed until he found it again.
Ex: John W. Gardner, when he was president of the Carnegie Corporation, said 'Most ailing organizations have developed a functional blindness to their own defects'.
Ex: The novel is about a contrite sinner who finds penitence through a 'cunning' that is theatrical.
Ex: I recalled how bereft we felt when we lost our son and how friends and neighbours rallied round and offered a shoulder to cry on.
Ex: The first option means fighting the resistance, brutalizing, barbarizing and dehumanising both ourselves and our victims, and resulting, at best, in a desolate and desocialized state.
Ex: The window was half-way open as he sat taking the air with an infinite sadness of mien, like some disconsolate prisoner.
Ex: His grieving wife, Carol, had an inkling that Paul was in ill health, as he was off-colour for quite some time.
Ex: She was extremely upset and heartbroken so we think she died of a broken heart.
* afligido por la muerte de un familiar cercano = bereaved.
(v.) = afflict ; ail ; desolate ; vex ; distress.
Ex: There will also be those who have in fact decided what information they need but are afflicted by the paralysis of 'unverbalised thought'.
Ex: The federal government has been once again defined as something broken and part of the problem ailing America.
Ex: You cannot make an omelette without breaking eggs; you cannot destroy the practices of barbarism which for centuries have desolated Africa without the use of force.
Ex: But today few people facing death or vexed by poverty would imagine that they could find hope, assistance, or even simple comfort in a visit to an academic philosopher.
Ex: What distressed him most was his being so short; he did not mind so much his ' hideous' face, as being so short.
* afligirse = become + distressed ; grieve.
* problema + afligir = problem + afflict.
* sentirse afligido = feel + hurt.

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