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agriculture, farming; land




(n.) = agriculture ; farming.
Ex: Thus, for example, the number 630 might be used for every document concerned with Farming and agriculture.
Ex: Plainly, it is not always the case that there is a connection between farming and spelling, and many other documents can be identified where these subjects are not connected.
* agricultura ecológica = organic agriculture ; organic farming.
* agricultura en el espacio = astroculture.
* agricultura sostenible = sustainable agriculture ; permaculture.
* agricultura sostenida = sustainable agriculture.
* AGRIS (Sistema Internacional de Información sobre Agricultura) = AGRIS (International Agricultural Information System).
* AIBDA (Asociación Interamericana de Bibliotecarios y Documentalistas de Agri = AIBDA (Inter-American Association of Agricultural Librarians and Information Specialists).
* Asociación Internacional de Bibliotecarios y Documentalistas de Agricultura = International Association of Agricultural Librarians and Documentalists (IAALD).
* biblioteca de agricultura = agricultural library.
* Biblioteca Nacional de Agricultura (NAL) = National Agricultural Library (NAL).
* bibliotecario de biblioteca de agricultura = agricultural librarian.
* Departamento de Agricultura de la Commonwealth (CAB) = Commonwealth Agricultural Bureaux (CAB).
* especialista en agricultura = agricultural specialist.
* FAO (Organización para la Alimentación y la Agricultura) = FAO (Food and Agriculture Organisation).
* producto químico usado en agricultura = agrochemical.
* Proyecto Nacional de Lectura Optica de Textos de Agricultura (NATDP) = National Agricultural Text Digitizing Project (NATDP).
* trabajador en la agricultura = agricultural worker.

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