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adjustment, fit; setting; scaling; patch
fit, adjust; regulate; suit; trim; doctor

assembly, mounting



(n.) = adjustment ; alignment ; customisation [customization, -USA] ; fine tuning [fine-tuning] ; tightening up ; tweaking ; tailoring ; tweak ; tightening ; refinement ; fitting.
Ex: Even in situations where there is a published list covering the requirements of the type of library to be indexed, this list is likely to require adjustment in order to make it compatible with local requirements.
Ex: Word processing packages must be able to permit the user to manipulate test, as is necessary in alignment of margins, insertion and deletion of paragraphs, arrange for text to appear in the centre of the page and underline.
Ex: The evaluation model therefore is subject to a degree of customisation to adapt it to the project environment.
Ex: A second important purpose was to facilitate the initial 'fine tuning' of the system following its initial deployment.
Ex: This appears to be a tightening up of the definition rather than a new approach.
Ex: The PCC intends that Program records, full or core, represent acceptable bibliographic control such that record 'tweaking' at the local level is minimized.
Ex: To haul themselves out of their bog, their networks must facilitate tailoring of records to meet local needs.
Ex: This system simultaneously searches the Web and a large, multidisciplinary, full text database, using a relevance system with some clever tweaks.
Ex: Previous policies allowed professional interaction but recent tightening has made that more difficult.
Ex: Also search strategy can be modified relatively easily, where only refinements or slight modifications in index terms are appropriate.
Ex: At a shoe fitting she was told that the vamp was too long and she should switch to a shoe that showed more of her foot.
* ajuste de cuentas = grudge fight ; grudge match ; settling of scores.
* ajuste de la componente estacional = seasonal adjustment.
* ajuste del cinturón = belt-tightening.
* ajuste estacional = seasonal adjustment.
* ajustes económicos = belt-tightening.
* buen ajuste = good fit.
* de ajuste = adjustive.
* hacer ajustes = make + adjustment.
* hacer pequeños ajustes = tinker + around the edges ; tinker (about/around) with.
* pequeños ajustes = tinkering.
(v.) = adjust ; calibrate ; twiddle ; scale ; tweak ; fine tune [fine-tune] ; muck around/about ; align.
Ex: The brightness can be adjusted by turning the two knobs at the lower right of the screen.
Ex: The maps are calibrated to show fine distinctions within Geauga = Se calibran los mapas para mostrar pequeñas distinciones dentro de la región de Geauga.
Ex: Meek took her glasses off and twiddled them as her supervisor related the following incident = Meek se quitó las gafas y las hacía girar al mismo tiempo que su supervisor le contaba el siguiente incidente.
Ex: To produce a statewide estimate, this framework would need to be scaled to accommodate all public libraries in a particular state.
Ex: This book offers strategies for high school teachers that provide tools for creating, repairing, and tweaking all the discernible components of teaching.
Ex: These statistics have been used to fine tune the system and improve response time = Se han usado estos resultados estadísticos para ajustar el funcionamiento del sistema y mejorar el tiempo de respuesta.
Ex: I have looked at the book and mucked around with the database and using switches but can't see a solution.
Ex: Entry words may be aligned in a centre column or in a left hand column.
* ajustar Algo a = bring + Nombre + into compliance with.
* ajustar bien = sit + well.
* ajustar cuentas = settle + a score ; settle + things ; get + even ; have + an axe to grind.
* ajustar la exposición = adjust + exposure.
* ajustarse = suit ; fit + snugly ; suit + best.
* ajustarse a = conform to ; befit ; align.
* ajustarse a la perfección = be a natural fit.
* ajustarse a una exigencia = suit + a demand.
* ajustarse el cinturón = tighten + Posesivo + belt ; gird (up) + Posesivo + loins.
* ajustarse el pelo = adjust + Posesivo + hair.
* ajustarse la ropa = adjust + Posesivo + clothes.
* desajustar = throw + Nombre + out of alignment.
* no ajustarse a = out of line with ; out of keeping with ; out of tune with.
* que no ajusta bien = ill-fitting.
* sin ajustar = unadjusted ; loosely hanging ; baggy ; saggy ; loosely.

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