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alphabetical, of or pertaining to the alphabet; arranged in alphabetical order; studying the alphabet, abecedarian

alphabetic alphabetic, alphabetical

= a to z [a/z o a-z] ; A/Z [a-z o a to z] ; alphabetic ; alphabetical ; alphabetico-direct ; alphabetico-specific ; alphabetico classed.
Ex: Apparently, an 'a to z' sequence offers little possibility of confusion.
Ex: The subjects named in the alphabetical (from now on shortened to A/Z) subject index to the classified file are the subjects of documents.
Ex: After a valid alphabetic match is found, the text for that field including correct delimiters and tag suffixes will be retrieved from an authority file.
Ex: In alphabetical indexing languages, such as are embodied in thesauri and subject headings lists, subject terms are the alphabetical names of the subjects.
Ex: Book indexes are usually of the alphabetico-direct kind.
Ex: Note that Coates uses the term alphabetico-specific with the same meaning in his book 'Subject catalogues'.
Ex: Startlingly, we find also that Rule 2.44 would permit either Horses -- Diseases or Horse -- Diseases -- Strangles for a document on strangles in horses (an infectious streptococcal fever); the first of these is blatantly class entry rather than specific, while the second is equally blatantly alphabetico classed.
* alfabético jerárquico = alphabetic-hierarchical.
* alfabético por materias = alphabetico-subject.
* caracteres alfabéticos = alphabetic characters.
* catálogo alfabético = alphabetic catalogue ; alphabetical catalogue ; alphabetico-specific catalogue.
* catálogo alfabético de materias = alphabetical subject catalogue.
* catálogo alfabético de palabras clave = keyword catalogue.
* dispersión alfabética = alphabetical scatter.
* fichero alfabético = alphabetical file.
* índice alfabético = alphabetical index.
* índice alfabético de materias = alphabetical subject index.
* indización alfabética = alphabetical indexing.
* lista alfabética = alphabetic list ; alphabetical list ; alphabetical listing.
* lista alfabética de encabezamientos de materia = alphabetical list of subject headings.
* notación alfabética = alphabetical notation.
* ordenación alfabética = alphabetic arrangement ; alphabetical arrangement ; alphabetical ordering.
* ordenación alfabética letra a letra = letter by letter alphabetisation.
* ordenación alfabética palabra por palabra = word by word alphabetisation.
* orden alfabético = alphabetic order ; alphabetical order.
* sección alfabética = alphabetical section.
* tratamiento alfabético = alphabetical approach.

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