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anchor, drop anchor

guy, armature, anchor


(n.) = anchor.
Ex: This format can provide an anchor for instructional designers attempting to come to terms with the vast potential of hypertext and hypermedia.
* echar anclas = drop + anchor.
* echar el ancla = drop + anchor.
(v.) = anchor ; drop + anchor ; pin.
Nota: Uso informático.
Ex: In 'upper town' streets are broad, quiet, and tree-shaded; the homes are tall and heavy and look like battleships, each anchored in its private sea of grass.
Ex: At nightfall, drop anchor at any place that catch your fancy and the lullaby of the gentle waves put you to sleep.
Ex: This will show you how to pin or unpin a folder and document files of your choice to the start menu to use as a shortcut.

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