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mellow; vintage
vintage, wine from a particular harvest
grow old, become aged, age

attached old


mature, old (cheese, wine)

(v.) = annex ; outbuilding ; annexed ; attached.
Ex: The matter complementary to the main text, placed at the end of a document and containing notes, statistical tables or other information is known as annex or appendix.
Ex: It's an old farmhouse with outbuildings and large enclosed courtyard in a pretty village close to Montbard.
Ex: He is hereby dispensed to receive the archdeaconry, and to retain it for life with the canonry, prebend and annexed vicarage, and to exchange them and hold instead any two other incompatible benefices.
Ex: I was wondering how it is possible that I ended up with one ear lobe clearly attached, and the other clearly unattached.
* depósito anejo = remote storage.
(adj.) = old ; mellow .
Nota: Generalmente aplicado al vino.
Ex: These circumvent many of the problems that must be tackled in subject indexing such as the emergence of new terms and new meanings for old words.
Ex: This mellow wine will make a delicious companion with your favorite meat or pasta dish and is spectacular with lamb.
* queso añejo = mature cheese.

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