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polyethylene, chemical and moisture-proof plastic, synthetic material used as an insulator (Caribbean)
animate, make alive; arouse; inspire; excite


(n.) = Anime.
Ex: Manga comics utilize the highly distinctive artistic styles found in Japenese comic books and Anime (animated cartoons) = Los comics manga utilizan estilos artísticos muy peculiares típicos de los tebeos y Anime (dibujos animados) japoneses.
(v.) = cheer ; spur ; spur on ; enliven ; set + Nombre + off ; embolden ; set + alight ; animate ; buoy ; enthuse ; prod ; sparkle ; cheer up ; take + heart ; egg on ; perk up ; encourage ; brighten up ; stimulate ; pep up ; hearten ; liven up ; ginger up ; root for ; be behind + Alguien.
Ex: I shall neither cheer nor mourn its passing from the current agenda because to do so would be to demonstrate a partisanship that was not presidential.
Ex: Spurred by press comments on dumping of withdrawn library books in rubbish skips, Birkerd Library requested the Ministry of Culture's permission to sell withdrawn materials.
Ex: The paper-makers, spurred on by the urgent need to increase their supply of raw material, eventually mastered the new technique.
Ex: Children in this state are in a crisis of confidence from which they must be relieved before their set about books can be refreshed and enlivened.
Ex: This local tale could have been used to set me and my classmates off on a search for other similar stories that litter the area up and down the east coast of Britain.
Ex: The spark of warmth had emboldened her.
Ex: However, the spark that really set librarians alight came from outside Australia.
Ex: HotJava animates documents through the use of 'applets': small application programs that can be written to support many different tasks.
Ex: 'Well,' recommenced the young librarian, buoyed up by the director's interest, 'I believe that everybody is a good employee until they prove differently to me'.
Ex: Teachers must enthuse students to library work and its value.
Ex: Science Citation Index (SCI) depends for intellectual content entirely on citations by authors, who are sometimes prodded by editors and referees.
Ex: His talks sparkle with Southern humor and a distinct voice known to mention rednecks, the evil of institutions, and racial reconciliation.
Ex: This novel was written to cheer herself up when she and her baby were trapped inside their freezing cold flat in a blizzard, unable to get to the library.
Ex: But I take heart from something that Bill Frye said when he agreed to outline a national program for preserving millions of books in danger of deterioration = Aunque me fortalezco con algo que Bill Frye dijo cuando aceptó esbozar un programa nacional para la conservación de millones de libros en peligro de deterioro.
Ex: In the novel, residents of the drought-plagued hamlet of Champaner, egged on by a salt-of-the-earth hothead leader, recklessly accept a sporting challenge thrown down by the commander of the local British troops.
Ex: The author presents ideas designed to perk up classroom spirits.
Ex: A common catalogue encourages users to regard the different information carrying media as part of range of media.
Ex: The flowers will really help brighten up the cemetery when they flower in spring.
Ex: An alertness to work in related fields may stimulate creativity in disseminating ideas from one field of study to another, for both the researcher and the manager.
Ex: Soccer ace David Beckham has started wearing mystical hippy beads to pep up his sex life.
Ex: We are heartened by the fact that we are still so far a growth story in the midst of this global challenge.
Ex: Here are ten fun ways to liven up your average train journey.
Ex: She does not strike me as the sort either who would frighten easily, or who would ginger up her story for effect.
Ex: I didn't know her from Adam but started rooting for her from day 1 of the competition.
Ex: We told her that we are behind her no matter what happens.
* animar la fiesta = bring + the party to life.
* animarse = brighten ; perk up ; come to + life.

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