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ancient, very old; old established; antique; former, late; vintage; archaic

ancient, antique



(adj.) = ancient ; early ; former ; old ; long-standing ; age-old ; sometime + Nombre ; erstwhile ; overaged ; olde ; retrospective ; timeworn ; antique.
Ex: But this traditional stance conceals an ancient feud between cataloguers and reference librarians over the true function of the library catalogue.
Ex: Microforms are easy to use, although there were early reservations concerning the fact that users need to become familiar with any specific kind of microform and its reader.
Ex: This person acted as the liaison with the former UNIMARC Working Group.
Ex: These circumvent many of the problems that must be tackled in subject indexing such as the emergence of new terms and new meanings for old words.
Ex: The struggle to make the library an integral part of the educational process is a long-standing one which has yet to be resolved.
Ex: The current environment in higher education is providing an opportunity for librarians to define a future that will ensure their central role in the educational process and thus resolve these remaining age-old questions.
Ex: One of the most successful is the system devised by Dyson, sometime editor of CA.
Ex: This article relates the professional experiences of an erstwhile academic librarian.
Ex: Bielefeld University is replacing its overaged mainframe data processing systems in the library.
Ex: The article 'Ye olde smart card' presents an annotated list of information sources on the credit card industry.
Ex: It seems appropriate to take a retrospective look at the evolution of our catalog and the ideology which has shaped it.
Ex: But beyond the honeymoon hotels and resorts, Polynesian life goes on and timeworn traditions are preserved.
Ex: A small cranberry tree surrounded by holly sits on an antique marble-top table.
* a la antigua = old-style.
* a la antigua usanza = old-style.
* antigua esposa = ex-wife.
* antigua gloria = Posesivo + former glory.
* antigua grandeza = Posesivo + former glory.
* Antigua Grecia, la = Ancient Greece.
* antigua novia = ex-girlfriend.
* antigua Roma = ancient Rome.
* antiguo alumno = alumnus [alumni, -pl.] ; alum.
* Antiguo Egipto, el = Ancient Egypt.
* antiguo esplendor = Posesivo + former glory.
* antiguo + marido/esposa/novio/novia = ex-.
* antiguo novio = ex-boyfriend.
* antiguo orden, el = old order, the.
* antiguo periodista = ex-journalist.
* antiguo régimen, el = ancient regime, the.
* antiguos egipcios, los = ancient Egyptians, the.
* antiguo soldado = ex-soldier.
* Antiguo Testamento, el = Old Testament (O.T.), the.
* asociación de antiguos alumnos = alumni association.
* casco antiguo = old town.
* chapado a la antigua = fuddy-duddy.
* chimenea grande antigua = Inglenook hearth ; Inglenook fireplace.
* de antigua generación = low-end.
* de antiguo = from time immemorial.
* desde antiguo = from time immemorial.
* desde muy antiguo = since olden times.
* el casco antiguo de la ciudad = the oldest part of the city.
* el más antiguo del mundo = the oldest in the book ; the oldest in the world.
* el truco más antiguo del mundo = the oldest trick in the world ; the oldest trick in the book.
* en el mundo antiguo = in antiquity.
* fondo antiguo = antiquarian materials.
* hurgar en una antigua herida = open up + an old wound.
* impreso antiguo = old print.
* ISBD(A) (Descripción Bibliográfica Normalizada Internacional - material anti = ISBD(A) (International Standard Bibliographic Description - Antiquarian).
* ley antigua = ancient law.
* libro antiguo = old book ; rare book ; antiquarian book.
* más antiguo = longest-serving.
* más antiguo, el = seniormost, the.
* más antiguo que la humanidad = as old as mankind.
* muy antiguo = centuries-old.
* obra antigua = ancient work.
* periódicos antiguos = old newspapers.
* persona que viste a la antigua = frump.
* recuperar + Posesivo + antigua grandeza = regain + Posesivo + former glory.
* recuperar + Posesivo + antiguo esplendor = regain + Posesivo + former glory.
* recuperar + Posesivo + antiguo gloria = regain + Posesivo + former glory.
* red de antiguos compañeros = old boy network.
* restituir Algo a su antigua grandeza = restore + Nombre + to + Posesivo + former glory.
* reunión de antiguos alumnos = class reunion.
* ser muy antiguo = go back + a long way.
* tan antiguo como la humanidad = as old as mankind.
* teja antigua = pantile.
* vestido a la antigua = frumpy ; frumpish.

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