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pile up, stack, heap


(v.) = stack ; pile ; stash ; pile up ; stack + Nombre + up ; heap up.
Ex: Cards are filed in drawers, approximately 1000 cards per drawer, which when stacked together may form a catalogue cabinet.
Ex: The first thing I did was pile them one on another and then sit on them while I looked at my other presents.
Ex: When I went to the little boys/girls room to relieve myself I was suprised to see the amount of loo rolls stashed in the corner.
Ex: As the bills piled up and the little money she had dried up, friends and neighbors began to worry that she didn't have a prayer.
Ex: These heavy duty frosted plastic bins can be set side by side or stacked up in those tighter spaces.
Ex: Her clothes were all heaped up in a corner, half-folded.
* apilarse = clump together.

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