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application; enforcement, implementation; (Computer) computer program designed to perform a specific task for a user or other application (e.g. word processor, spreadsheet, Web browser, etc.)


(n.) = toolbox [tool box].
Ex: The project will develop a toolbox which will allow office workers connected in a LAN to cooperate synchronously or asynchronously while employing existing MS Windows applications. (n.) = application ; enforcement ; take-up ; uptake ; operationalisation [operationalization, -USA] ; enablement.
Ex: The most appropriate type of abstract must be chosen in accordance with the requirements of each individual application.
Ex: These are less tangible, more dependent upon personal motivation and inclination, and not amenable to enforcement through institutional policies.
Ex: One of the reasons for the relatively slow take-up of microcomputers in libraries in the Philippines is the problem caused by the multitude of languages used in the island group.
Ex: The project is investigating the factors which promote or inhibit the uptake of computers in primary schools.
Ex: Theories and models from the behavioural sciences offer a sound basis for understanding the problems with conceptualization and operationalization of user satisfaction.
Ex: The aim was that the edge would come from leveraging its knowledge assets, ie the leadership and expertise of its worldwide work force, through information technology enablement.
* adaptar a una aplicación concreta = harness.
* adaptarse a una aplicación = suit + an application.
* ámbito de aplicación = field of application.
* aplicación a tareas bibliotecarias = library application.
* aplicación práctica = application ; practical application.
* área de aplicación comercial = niche.
* campo de aplicación = field of application ; scope of application ; field of practice ; area of application.
* de aplicación específica = special-purpose.
* de aplicación específica a un equipo de ordenador = hardware-based.
* de aplicación general = general-purpose ; of general application.
* encontrar aplicación práctica = find + application.
* hacerse a medida de una aplicación práctica concreta = tailor to + application.
* mala aplicación = misapplication.
* medicación de aplicación tópica = paint-on medication.
* orientado hacia una aplicación práctica concreta = application-oriented.
* relación de aplicación = bias relation.
* según la aplicación de reglas = rule-governed.
(n.) = industry ; diligence.
Ex: In fact, the terms of the contrast are highly ambivalent: order vs. anarchy, liberty vs. despotism, or industry vs. sloth, and also dissimulation vs. honesty.
Ex: If these guidelines are not adhered to with due care and diligence, financial damage to the library can result = Si no se siguen estas directrices con el debido cuidado y atención, el resultado puede ser que la biblioteca sufra daños económicos.
* con aplicación = industriously ; studiously.
(n.) = software system ; software program ; app [application].
Nota: Abreviatura.
Ex: READS is a software system designed to run on a local area network (LAN) file server and accessed by multiple workstation.
Ex: In the Internet, a client is a software program that is used to contact and obtain data from a server software program on another computer, often across a great distance.
Ex: I am sick and tired of how Win 2000 runs DOS apps, but I need Windows for other reasons.
* aplicación comercial = commercial application ; business application.
* aplicación de código abierto = open source software.
* aplicación didáctica = courseware.
* aplicaciones = toolbox [tool box].
* aplicaciones comerciales = proprietary software ; commercial software.
* aplicaciones ofimáticas = office software.
* aplicaciones para la información = information solutions.
* aplicación filtro = filtering software.
* aplicación informática = application(s) program(me) ; application(s) software ; computer application.
* aplicación multimedia = multimedia application.
* aplicación web = Web application.
* apoyo técnico de aplicaciones informáticas = software support.
* dedicado a una aplicación específica = dedicated.
* desarrollo de aplicaciones = software development ; application development.
* productor de aplicaciones informáticas = application(s) developer.
* programa de montaje de aplicaciones = software packager.
* programador de aplicaciones bibliotecarias = library software developer.

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