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murder, killing; assassination; shooting

assassination, murder


(n.) = murder ; killing ; assassination ; slaying.
Ex: Reading literature allows us to experience all kinds of human possibilities, from murder to childbirth, without suffering the consequences of undergoing the experiences in real life.
Ex: This article reports on the coverage by the New York Times of the killing of a hostage victim during a highjack.
Ex: Since the assassination of Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin in November 1995 a struggle has taken place over his commemoration.
Ex: A mobster believed to be the head of an organized crime clan involved in the slaying of six people has been arrested this morning.
* asesinato de una mujer = femicide.
* asesinato en primer grado = first-degree murder.
* asesinato político = political killing.
* asesinato terrorista = terror killing.
* intento de asesinato = attempt on + Posesivo + life ; attempted murder.
* juicio por asesinato = murder trial.
* sospechoso de asesinato = murder suspect.
* tentativa de asesinato = assassination attempt.
* víctima de asesinato = murder(ed) victim.

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