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advanced, progressive; forward; labored; late
advance, move forward; come forward; proceed; develop; encroach; thrust forward; toil
advance, progress, move forward; draw to a close, come to an end



(adj.) = advanced ; sophisticated ; developed ; high-powered ; stepped-up.
Ex: It is quite common for document titles to provide an indication of the level of presentation of their subject in the use of such terms as 'Introduction', 'Primer', 'Popular', 'advanced'.
Ex: Effective retrieval from natural language indexed data bases requires sophisticated search software.
Ex: Developed libraries can quote a whole series of discrete services built up over the recent past, which somehow need to be integrated.
Ex: This is a useful collection of essays, particularly for graduate students and high-powered undergraduates cutting their teeth on Aristotle.
Ex: These unique hair claws covered with rhinestone are a stepped-up version of today's most popular accessories.
* búsqueda avanzada = advanced search.
* de avanzada edad = advanced in years ; advanced in life.
* de edad avanzada = over the hill ; advanced in years ; advanced in life.
* estar avanzado = be well under way.
* muy avanzado = well-advanced.
* nivel avanzado = advanced level.
* puesto avanzado = outpost.
* ser demasiado avanzado para + Posesivo + tiempo = be before + Posesivo + time.
* ser muy avanzado para + Posesivo + época = be in advance of + Posesivo + time.
* sociedad avanzada = advanced society.
* usuario avanzado = advanced user ; power user.
(v.) = gain + ground ; get + far ; go forward ; make + gains ; make + progress ; move ahead ; move on ; move onwardly ; move up ; page (through) ; progress ; advance ; proceed ; press on ; come along ; fast-forward ; take + a step forward ; get + ahead ; move forward ; make + step ; take + strides ; make + advances ; develop ; move along ; get + unstuck ; press forward (with) ; go forth ; make + headway ; go on ; gain + traction ; make + strides.
Ex: Standardisation of formats is less developed; however UNIMARC is gaining ground as a national exchange format, whilst USMARC is also used by university and public libraries.
Ex: If scientific reasoning were limited to the logical processes of arithmetic, we should not get far in our understanding of the physical world.
Ex: Thus, if you want to reply yes, enter a 'y'; if you want to go forward, enter 'f'.
Ex: Expenditures in public libraries in the USA rose sharply in 1988 while use continued to make modest gains, with the greatest increase in juvenile loans.
Ex: We could then simply alter our expectations accordingly, and exult in the progress we have made.
Ex: It is impatient with Juctionville for its failure to move ahead as fast as it would like and is bothered by the city's drabness and general lack of class and culture.
Ex: While being off work he decided that he wanted to move on and resigned from the post.
Ex: In its simplest statement, the prime goal of any act of education is that it should serve us in the future ... takes us somewhere ... let us move onwardly more easily.
Ex: Now we move up the chain providing index entries for each of the potentially sought terms.
Ex: The system displays the records in brief format and the user can 'page' through the matches until the required record is found.
Ex: It is normally taken to indicate that the document has been revised, if a work has progressed to a second or subsequent edition.
Ex: All this is not to be impulsively regretted since specialized studies can advance in no other way, but synthesis becomes increasingly important and dishearteningly more difficult.
Ex: Before we proceed to look at the operators in detail, a couple of examples may help to make the layout clearer.
Ex: Hoping the gentler tone and the more relaxed manner meant that her anger was abating, the young man pressed on less apprehensively.
Ex: However, we have not heard the final word by any means for there are new products and improved examples of existing products coming along.
Ex: Modern machines have an automatic facility for fast-forward and rewind as well as a manual control for slower, more precise location of the required information on the microfilm.
Ex: LCSH has taken a further step forward with the use of computer-controlled typesetting.
Ex: Low-income urban families simply do not have any use for the traditional library or indeed any motivation for self-improvement and getting ahead = Las familias urbanas con ingresos bajos simplemente no tienen la necesidad de usar la biblioteca tradicional o de hecho no sienten motivación para la superación personal y para avanzar.
Ex: This article argues the need to move forward with the infotech culture without abandoning the service culture.
Ex: Schucking noted that early step when a child's 'imagination awakes, without corresponding development of the critical faculty,' a step most children make before they reach school age = Schucking se percató de ese primer paso en el niño cuando "se despierta su imaginación sin el correspondiente desarrollo de la capacidad crítica", un paso que dan la mayoría de los niños antes de alcanzar la edad escolar.
Ex: In the half century since the publication of McKerrow's Introduction bibliography has taken giant strides in many directions.
Ex: The author maintains that, aside from increasing computational speed, and thus real-time control, musically no advances have been made.
Ex: The economics journal system has not grown and developed in a structured fashion, which has resulted in overspill into report literature.
Ex: As university libraries move along this continuum they will become evolutionary, non-hierarchical, entrepreneurial and horizontal.
Ex: In addition, students can use the glossary to get 'unstuck' while learning.
Ex: The company is pressing forward with the construction of an environment and a system that permit all employees to demonstrate their full capabilities.
Ex: Finally six men agreed to go forth in their underclothes and nooses around their necks in hopeful expectation that their sacrifice would satisfy the king's bloodlust and he would spare the rest of the citizens.
Ex: Governments are making headway in negotiations aimed at reaching an ambitious and effective global greenhouse gas reduction treaty.
Ex: Several members of the group raised polite brows and implored him to go on.
Ex: Windows haters may snide at Windows 8, but the platform is gaining traction whether they like it or not.
Ex: And in the process of preserving the past, we believe that we can make substantial strides toward the digital library framework for the future.
* a medida que + avanzar + el año = as the year + wear on.
* a medida que + avanzar + el día = as the day + wear on.
* avanzar a duras penas = flounder ; grind on.
* avanzar a toda máquina = steam ahead ; go + full steam ahead.
* avanzar a toda mecha = go + full steam ahead.
* avanzar a toda pastilla = steam ahead ; go + full steam ahead.
* avanzar a todo gas = steam ahead ; go + full steam ahead.
* avanzar a todo meter = go + full steam ahead.
* avanzar a todo vapor = steam ahead ; go + full steam ahead.
* avanzar a trancas y barrancas = flounder ; grind on.
* avanzar a un ritmo vertiginoso = proceed + at a blistering pace.
* avanzar con dificultad = wade through ; limp ; slog along ; plod (along/through) ; stodge along/through.
* avanzar con gran dificultad = grind on.
* avanzar en + Posesivo + trabajo = advance + Posesivo + work ; advance + Posesivo + work.
* avanzar en una carrera profesional = further + a career.
* avanzar fácilmente = coast.
* avanzar gradualmente (hacia) = edge (toward(s)).
* avanzar hacia = move into ; move toward(s).
* avanzar hacia abajo = work + Posesivo + way down.
* avanzar lentamente = creep ; creep along ; creep by.
* avanzar lenta y pesadamente = trundle.
* avanzar mucho = travel + a long way down the road.
* avanzar muy despacio = creep ; creep along ; creep by.
* avanzar muy lentamente = inch (+ Posesivo + way) forward ; inch ; inch ; inch.
* avanzar muy lentamente hacia = inch (+ Posesivo + way) towards.
* avanzar pesadamente = lumber.
* avanzar poco a poco = shuffle along.
* avanzar poco a poco (hacia) = edge (toward(s)).
* avanzar profesionalmente dentro de la institución = rise through + the ranks.
* avanzar rápidamente = gallop.
* avanzar viento en popa = steam ahead.
* conforme + avanzar + el año = as the year + wear on.
* conforme + avanzar + el día = as the day + wear on.
* dar vueltas sin avanzar = go (a)round in + circles.
* día + avanzar = day + go on.
* el tiempo + avanzar lentamente = time + creep by.
* el tiempo + avanzar muy despacio = time + creep by.
* hacer avanzar = nudge + Nombre + forward ; push + the frontiers of ; nudge + Nombre + along ; nudge + Nombre + into ; push + the boundaries of.
* hacer avanzar el conocimiento = push back + the frontiers of knowledge.
* hacer avanzar hacia = nudge + Nombre + toward.
* hacer que + Nombre + avance = take + Nombre + a/one step forward.
* no avanzar = tread + water.
* no avanzar más = go + no further.
* que avanza lentamente = crawling.
* que avanza rápidamente = fast-developing.
* seguir avanzando = forge + ahead ; forge + forward.
* seguir avanzando (con) = push forward (with).
* sin poder avanzar = no way forward.
* tiempo + avanzar inexorablemente = time + march on.

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