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tip, advice; warning; message, announcement; advertisement; discretion, careful judgment; aviso


(n.) = word of caution ; announcement ; notice ; reminder notice ; warning ; word of warning ; follow-up ; reminder ; cautionary note ; cautionary word ; alert ; heads up ; wake-up call.
Ex: Finally a word of caution: do not expect too much.
Ex: Printed current awareness bulletins may be produced from similar facilities to those in above, except that here the announcement will relate only to newly added items.
Ex: Notices may be useful in this context for the user who wishes to familiarise himself with the workings of the catalogue before approaching a terminal.
Ex: The circulation staff also looks after overdues -- sending out reminder notices, making follow-up telephone calls, etc..
Ex: No, he was not one to take off like a deer at the first warning of certain dangers.
Ex: One word of warning before starting: products, concepts, applications of information technology are currently in a state of rapid evolution.
Ex: The circulation staff also looks after overdues -- sending out reminder notices, making follow-up telephone calls, etc..
Ex: A constant reminder that, these days, retrospective bibliography and technology are hand in hand is the realization that all of the items listed in both Pollard and Redgrave and Wing are available to purchase in microform editions.
Ex: The different standards involved are described with cautionary notes on their limitations and the balance between standardisation and innovation.
Ex: The article 'A few cautionary words about electronic publishing' argues that advances in microform technology have obviously fallen far behind their potential.
Ex: The author reviews a number of Web sites that offer product warnings and business scam alerts.
Ex: The article is entitled 'Heads up: confronting the selection and access issues of electronic journals'.
Ex: These incidents should serve as a wake-up call for libraries planning a move.
* aviso de advertencia = warning label.
* aviso de encuadernación = binding trigger.
* aviso de vencimiento = overdue notice.
* aviso para los aviadores = NOTAM (Notice for Airmen).
* casi sin previo aviso = without much notice.
* dar aviso = give + notice.
* dar un aviso = make + warning.
* hasta nuevo aviso = until further notice.
* luz de aviso = warning light.
* mandar aviso = send + word.
* mensaje de aviso = warning message.
* piloto de aviso = warning light.
* poner sobre aviso = alert to.
* poner una señal de aviso = post + a warning ; post + a warning sign.
* señal de aviso = early warning signal ; warning sign ; warning signal ; early warning sign.
* señal de aviso de incendio = fire warning.
* sin aviso previo = without warning.
* sin previo aviso = unannounced ; without warning ; without notice ; without prior notice ; without prior notification ; on spec ; at the drop of a hat ; without (any) further notice.
* sistema de aviso de reclamaciones = claims warning system.
* temporizador de aviso = egg timer.

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