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baby, very young child
drink, consume liquids; consume alcoholic beverages; absorb moisture

you drink babies

(v.) = drink ; sip ; booze ; take + a swig ; swig ; imbibe ; have + a drink ; take + a swill ; swill.
Ex: Some libraries offer users the opportunity to eat and drink, read books, periodicals and newspapers and listen to records and tapes.
Ex: People engage in a wide range of activities in libraries, from lively dialog while munching sandwiches and sipping soda, to flirting and caressing, to the more traditional activities of reading and information searching.
Ex: While he boozed, Kerry was on three athletic teams and became a notable college debater.
Ex: The media creates the image that solutions to stress can come from popping a pill or taking a swig from a bottle.
Ex: One day she indulged in her habit of swigging too much gin before going to feed the porker and after opening its pen she slumped in a heap.
Ex: In general, two drinks should be the limit when you're imbibing alcohol, whether it's wine, beer or liquor.
Ex: It's a perfect bar to meet up and have a drink and a natter or simply chill and relax whilst watching the world go by in the park below.
Ex: They advise that children should be encouraged to take a swill of water and rinse it around their teeth after eating sweets.
Ex: At 57 years of age, after swilling the likes of cheap beer, cheap whiskey and bad tequila, I have developed a taste for wine.
* a beber y a tragar que el mundo se va a acabar = eat, drink and be merry (for tomorrow we die).
* barril con agua de beber = scuttlebutt.
* beber a la salud de Alguien = drink to + Posesivo + health.
* beber alcohol = drink + alcohol.
* beber algo = have + a drink.
* beber como un cosaco = drink like + a fish.
* beber con la lengua = lap up.
* beber demasiado = drink + too much ; overdrink.
* beber en compañía = social drinking.
* beber en exceso = drink + too much ; overdrink.
* beber excesivamente = drink + too much ; overdrink.
* beber mucho = drink + heavily.
* bebérselo todo = drink + Nombre + out of.
* fuente para beber = scuttlebutt ; drinking fountain ; water fountain ; bubbler.
* haber bebido demasiado = be over the limit.
* pajita para beber = drinking straw.
* sin comerlo ni beberlo = without having anything to do with it.
* sin comérselo ni bebérselo = without having anything to do with it ; without asking for it.
= baby [babies, -pl.] ; babe ; sprog ; bub ; Posesivo + little one.
Ex: The article 'Sitting pretty: infants, toddlers, & lapsits' outlines the procedures followed at San Francisco public library to help parents introduce their babies to appropriate literature.
Ex: They are pure as a babe's innocence.
Ex: Well, she's gone and done it again -- she's up the spout and with another sprog on the way.
Ex: She's probably just a little protective over her little bubs which is normal.
Ex: Preventing infant deaths can be as easy as ABC if parents remember three simple ways to keep their little ones safe at night.
* bebé adoptado = adopted baby.
* bebé adoptivo = adopted baby.
* bebé con cólicos = colicky baby ; colicky infant.
* bebé prematuro = preemie.
* bebé probeta = test-tube baby.
* bebé que empieza a andar = toddler.
* bebé que nace muerto = stillbirth [still-birth].
* bebé que padece de cólicos = colicky baby ; colicky infant.
* cambiador de bebés = baby changing facility ; baby changing room.
* celebrar el nacimiento del bebé = wet + the baby's head.
* cochecito de bebé = pram ; baby carriage.
* dormir como un bebé = sleep like + a baby.
* esperar un bebé = expect + a baby.
* habitación para cambiar bebés = baby changing room ; baby changing facility.
* intercomunicador para bebés = baby monitor ; baby alarm.
* interfono para bebés = baby monitor ; baby alarm.
* reunión a la que los padres acuden con sus bebés = lapsit.
* sala para cambiar bebés = baby changing room ; baby changing facility.
* sillita de bebé para coche = car baby seat ; infant car seat.
* tan inocente como un bebé = as innocent as a lamb.
* tener bebés = have + babies.
* toallita húmeda para bebé = baby wipe.
* un bebé = a babe in arms ; a bundle of joy.
= a babe in arms ; a bundle of joy.
Ex: He was still a babe in arms, when his father died overseas. Ex: It is a woman's prerogative give birth to a beautiful bundle of joy but for that she should prepare herself mentally and physically.

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