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draft copy, rough copy; duster; eraser; destroyer

draft , eraser

(n.) = blueprint ; preprint [pre-print] ; proof sheet ; draft ; rough draft ; draft copy ; rough sketch ; sketch.
Ex: In his book on the subject Hopkins lists and describes more than 600 such policy blueprints prepared by the Commission during the period 1958-1978.
Ex: Publishing preprints on the Internet speeds up the dissemination process.
Ex: These have the advantages of economy, and (if the subscriber desires) selectivity because the records on the proof sheets are divided into broad categories which can be obtained separately.
Ex: Selected authors will be provided with guidelines to assist them in preparing their papers or posters, first drafts of which will be due by December 15, 2002.
Ex: This paper describes the program devised to extract references from the OCLC data base and generate bibliographies in rough draft form.
Ex: This is the final version of the draft copy on the preservation of digital collections available on the World Wide Web.
Ex: Intelligent software that brings rough sketches to life in a virtual world is promising to revolutionise the way children learn and to help engineers.
Ex: A short score is a sketch made by a composer for an ensemble work, with the main features of the composition set out on a few staves.
* borrador de + Nombre = draft + Nombre.
* borrador de trabajo = working paper.
* borrador escrito a mano = manuscript draft.
* borrador escrito a máquina = typewritten draft.
* redacción de borradores = drafting.

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