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hut, cabin, hovel, cabana

cabin, hut, shack cabana, cabin, hovel, cottage



(n.) = cottage ; cabin ; hut ; lodge ; rondavel ; shack ; log house ; country cottage.
Ex: Tom Jones hiding in a particular copse with Molly Seagrim, Marvell lying in a certain garden, Dimitri Karamazov in that prison cell, Will and Anna in that cottage bedroom.
Ex: Stopping a few miles north of where the Lewark meets the great Modoc River in what is now called the American midwest, they constructed a humble cabin and began trading with river men and friendly Indians.
Ex: Robinson Crusoe kept his books in a hut which seems quite unsatisfactory in view of the tropical climate of the island.
Ex: Dinner will be served in the boma at the Lodge, where you will again spend the night.
Ex: Accommodation comprises 200 fully equipped, self-catering rondavels with own bathroom, kitchen and braai facilities = El alojamiento no incluye las comidas y consta de 200 cabañas totalmente equipadas, con baño, cocina y barbacoa.
Ex: In another survey which examined the information needs of residents of new black urban communities, townships and shack settlements identified problems associated with the labor market and transport.
Ex: In this little town of about a dozen log houses, they were initiated into the mysteries, pleasures, and sufferings of a gold-digger's life.
Ex: Thousands of people taking autumn and winter breaks in country cottages will, at some point during the holiday, be heard to say: 'Why don't we buy one of these?'.
* cabaña de cazadores = hunting-lodge.
* cabaña de madera = log cabin ; wood cabin.
* cabaña de troncos de madera = log cabin ; wood cabin.

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