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coffee, beverage made from water filtered through coffee beans; cafe, coffeehouse


coffee coffee


(n.) = coffee.
Ex: You have specified beverages but no the particular beverage in question, coffee.
* a la hora del café = at coffee.
* café con cafeina = caffeinated coffee.
* café con leche = coffee with milk ; white coffee ; latte ; milky coffee.
* café descafeinado = decaffeinated coffee.
* café exprés = espresso.
* café expreso = espresso.
* café instantáneo = instant coffee.
* café molido = ground coffee.
* café normal = caffeinated coffee.
* café solo = black coffee.
* cafetera llena de café = pot of coffee.
* café torrefacto = roasted coffee.
* café tostado = roasted coffee.
* grano de café = coffee bean.
* hacer café = make + coffee.
* jarro para el café = coffee mug.
* juego de café = coffee set.
* marrón café = coffee-brown.
* molinillo de café = coffee grinder.
* otra taza de té o café = refill [re-fill].
* posos del café = coffee grounds.
* puesto de café y comida = coffee and lunch corner.
* reunión para tomar café = coffee party.
* taza de café = cup of coffee.
* taza para el café = coffee cup.
* tueste de café = coffee roasting.
(n.) = cafe ; coffee house [coffee-house/coffeehouse] ; coffee bar.
Ex: The 1st phase of a cultural centre, with library, art gallery, swimming pool, cafe and day centre for the elderly, was opened in Sept 87.
Ex: As one librarian summarized, 'people are not into the stuffed looking, dingy, dust smelling type of libraries anymore ... they expect atmospheres more like coffeehouses or nice bookstores'.
Ex: Buildings converted to libraries include mansions, stores, gas stations, coffee bars, fire stations, post offices and chapels.
* cibercafé = Internet café ; cybercafe [cyber-cafe].
* consumo de café = coffee consumption.

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