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(n.) = exchange rate ; foreign exchange ; currency exchange rate ; market rate of exchange ; foreign exchange rate ; currency rate ; rate of exchange ; currency exchange.
Ex: The price in the local currency is then calculated from the information in the exchange rate table. Ex: This article defines financial information by looking at the information needs of 4 major divisions of the financial community: commodities; foreign exchange; capital markets; and securities and equities. Ex: Their response was significantly different, however, in large part due to much better understanding of the effect of foreign currency exchange rates on subscription prices of scientific and technical journals. Ex: For some countries trade fluctuates with changes in the weekly market rates of exchange, but for others it changes only when their currencies are realigned in the European Monetary System. Ex: This article highlights the foreign exchange rate problem in library periodicals purchasing. Ex: These systems carry up-to-the-minute information on stock prices, currency rates, world and national events, etc. Ex: As well as cuts imposed by the Government, libraries were faced with inflation in the price of books and periodicals, and a falling rate of exchange between the pound and the dollar. Ex: However, not all banks provide a currency exchange service.

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