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landlady, female landlord, woman who owns a building that is leased or rented to another
domestic, home; home-made; shirt sleeve
landlord; client, customer


(n.) = landlady.
Ex: It is great to see that the number of landladies is steadily increasing as more and more women realise the investment opportunities offered by residential property.
(n.) = landlord.
Ex: This library serves a population displaying all the familiar features of low income, family social and financial crises, juvenile delinquency, and landlord/tenant problems.
(adj.) = homemade ; homespun ; home-grown [home grown/homegrown] ; homey ; homely .
Ex: And may I say parenthetically that two publishers out of the enormous number that are so often touted as belonging to the CIP program are now printing their own homemade and superior cataloging in publication data.
Ex: The author chronicles the exuberant stories, hyperbole, homespun speech and demigod characteristics of American 'tall tales'.
Ex: Most media centers have not used AACR in the past but have followed their own home-grown rules.
Ex: However, his attempt to make cultural and social history more accessible to a wider audience by adopting a homey, jokey style often seems counterproductive.
Ex: We are always on the lookout for homely traditions that work.
* de fabricación casera = homemade.
* mercadillo casero = yard sale ; garage sale.
* persona muy casera = homebody ; homelover.
* remedio casero = homemade remedy ; household remedy ; home remedy ; folk remedy.

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