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bother, annoy, harass
bug; bedbug; drawing-pin, thumbtack

(v.) = needle ; tease ; twit ; taunt ; razz ; push + (all of) + Posesivo + buttons.
Ex: She had been told from time to time that he seemed to derive satisfaction from needling the staff, but she had never been able to pin down specifically what he does that irks them.
Ex: I like to be considered one of the team, to joke with and tease the employee but that sure creates a problem when I have to discipline, correct, or fire an employee.
Ex: Don't be tempted into twitting me with the past knowledge that you have of me, because it is identical with the past knowledge that I have of you, and in twitting me, you twit yourself.
Ex: The writer describes how he spent his school days avoiding bullies who taunted him because he was a dancer.
Ex: I used to razz her about her fear of food, an unfortunate remnant of her history as a model.
Ex: My wife says I push all of her buttons but, unfortunately, I still haven't been able to find the 'mute' button.
* chincharse mutuamente = tease + each other.
(n.) = bed bug ; tease.
Ex: The diseases and infestations caused by mites, lice, bed bugs, fleas, and ticks are discussed.
Ex: Pixie is introduced as a precocious character who is impatient with other people, a tease, and a mimic.
* caer como chinches = drop like + flies.
* ser (un/muy) chinche = be a (real) tease.

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