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nail down; knock in; spike; rivet; fasten; thrust; plunge


(v.) = pin ; knock in ; stick ; nail.
Ex: One example is the circulation of notices which may previously have been pinned on a noticeboard.
Ex: The ball pelts, which were usually sheepskin, were fixed to the handles with nails which were only lightly knocked in, and were removed after the day's work (and often during the midday break as well).
Ex: Is it a matter of a library in one country sticking a pin in a map and requesting a document from the nearest library to where the pin is inserted?.
Ex: This book suggests ways for children to work successfully with scraps of wood by carving, sawing, hammering, nailing or gluing pieces together.
* clavar con chinchetas = pin.
* clavar los codos = hit + the books ; pound + the books.
* clavarse en = dig into.
* ser una espina que Alguien tiene clavada = be a thorn in + Posesivo + flesh ; be a thorn in + Posesivo + side.

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