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consultation; conference
consult, advise with; read

consulting service

it consults

(n.) = consultation ; counselling [counseling, -USA] ; enquiry [inquiry, -USA] ; interrogation ; look-up [lookup] ; perusal ; surgery ; doctor's surgery ; surgery ; hit ; query ; consultation exercise ; querying.
Ex: Although this is generally successful, this approach does necessitate the consultation of two chapters.
Ex: If you do this, the system ANDs together the results of query 1, 'juvenile delinquent', and the new term, 'counseling'.
Ex: A threshold weight appropriate to the specificity of the searcher's enquiry must be established.
Ex: These include MUMS (Multiple Use MARC System) in connection with online interrogation and correction of MARC data.
Ex: With online display, the alphabetical arrangement can become less significant, since all look-ups can be achieved with the computer, and there is less need for the scanning of alphabetical lists.
Ex: Computer searching has many facilities and permits a more flexible approach to index searching, but printed indexes have the advantage of ease of perusal.
Ex: The library may also arrange for local councillors to hold a rota of surgeries once a week.
Ex: The idea has been suggested to set up multipurpose community centres where services like a grocer, a chemist, a doctor's surgery, a family planning clinic, and a bank, could all be located.
Ex: The scheme is publicized on village notice boards, shops, pubs, surgeries, post offices etc and through the various village organizations.
Ex: As used in reference to the World Wide Web, 'hit' means a single request from a web browser for a single item from a web server.
Ex: We might therefore argue that our information retrieval system should enable us to rank documents in response to a query using the weighted vector 'wij'.
Ex: Following a preliminary survey by Aslib, the council's consultation exercise found that residents opted for service quality over quantity.
Ex: The project consortium will complete a feasibility study into the automatic indexing of free text and the multilingual querying of text databases = El consorcio creado realizar el proyecto llevará a cabo un estudio de viabilidad sobre la indización automática de texto libre y la consulta en varios idiomas de bases de datos de texto.
* abrir una consulta = hang out + Posesivo + shingle.
* colección de consulta = browsing collection.
* consulta en sala = in-house materials use.
* consulta imprecisa = browsing.
* consulta por materias = subject browsing.
* consulta por teléfono = telephone enquiry.
* consulta rápida = ready reference.
* consultas = demand load.
* consultas al directorio = directory assistance.
* consulta telefónica = telephone enquiry.
* de consulta fácil = scannable.
* de consulta mediante órdenes = command-based.
* documento de consulta = discussion document.
* fondo de consulta en sala = reserve reading collection ; reserve collection ; reserve shelves ; special reserve ; reserve book room.
* función de consulta = enquiry function.
* horas de consulta = surgery.
* interfaz gráfico de consulta imprecisa = graphical browser.
* lenguaje de consulta = query language ; access language.
* libro de consulta = handbook ; manual.
* libro de consulta en sala = reserve room book.
* obra de consulta = standard reference work ; work of reference ; reference resource ; desk reference ; reference work ; reference book.
* obras de consulta rápida = quick reference material.
* para futuras consultas = for future reference.
* porcentaje de satisfacción de consultas imprecisas = browsers' fill rate.
* primer lugar de consulta = first stop.
* puesto de consulta = service station.
* que permite desarrollar menús de consulta = menu-making.
* reformulación de la consulta = query reformation.
* sección para el fondo de consulta en sala = reserve room.
* Servicio de Consulta en Línea de BLAISE = BLAISE-LINE.
* sesión de consulta = query session.
* sin conservar información sobre las consultas realizadas anteriormente = stateless.
(v.) = browse ; check with ; consult ; interrogate ; run over ; search (for) ; have + a look ; search through ; confer (with) ; roam over ; turn to ; look at.
Ex: This arrangement may facilitate browsing across different kinds of materials.
Ex: Publishers attempting to cut through this nomenclature morass can check with the library's administration.
Ex: Many reference sources which were once available only in hard copy are now available either in hard copy, or to be consulted by online access to a computer-held data base.
Ex: Thus, a predominant feature of such software packages is the user related interfaces, which permit a non-programmer to comprehend and interrogate the data stored.
Ex: You dial a number and the machine selects and connects just one of a million possible stations; it does not run over them all.
Ex: This access is achieved by organising the tools so that a user may search under a specific access point or heading or index term, for example, subject term, author, name, title, date.
Ex: I thought you might like to have a look at American Libraries' report on the IFLA conference in Glasgow.
Ex: Users of the Web database will be able to search through this collection of American slave narratives by first and last name of narrator, county and state of servitude, year of birth, and name of master = Los usuarios de la base de datos web podrán consultar esta colección de relatos de esclavos americanos por nombre y apellido del narrador, país y condición de servidumbre, año de nacimiento y nombre del amo.
Ex: The system has been designed to allow several people to confer simultaneously over a network.
Ex: According to Tim Berners-Lee's vision of the semantic web, intelligent agent software will have the ability to understand the meaning (semantics) of the information they are roaming over in order to make the users' searches more inherently meaningful and efficient = De acuerdo a la visión de Tim Berners-Lee de la web semántica, el software de los buscadores tendrá la capacidad de comprender el significado (semántica) de la información que se está consultando con el fin de hacer la búsquedas más intrínsecamente significativa y eficaz para los usuarios.
Ex: We shall turn to this distinction very shortly.
Ex: This article looks at three interrelated issues regarding on-line services based on the recent literature.
* consultar a Alguien = bounce + ideas off + Nombre.
* consultar a través de los índices = browse.
* consultar con la almohada = sleep on + it.
* consultar con otro especialista = get + a second opinion.
* consultar con otro experto = get + a second opinion.
* consultar con + Pronombre = run + ideas + past + Pronombre.
* consultar el catálogo = consult + catalogue.
* consultar los fondos = search + holdings.
* consultar un índice = search + index.
* facilidad de consulta = browsability.
* por si hace falta consultarlo en el futuro = for future reference.
* que se puede consultar = queriable.
* tomar una decisión sin consultar con nadie = take it upon + Reflexivo + to.
* volver a consultar = revisit ; check back.

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