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courage, guts



(n.) = courage ; guts ; spunk ; bravery ; valour [valor, -USA] ; pluck.
Ex: In this novel the central themes are courage and cowardice and what these are.
Ex: Well, I happened to inherit a full set of Trollope, and I had the guts to throw it out.
Ex: In her youth, as in her adult years, she was a person with spunk.
Ex: Contributing to the problem are the harsh desert environment and a society based on patriarchy, in which a code of honor, esprit de corps, and bravery takes precedence over intelligence and culture = Además, el problema se complica debido al entorno desértico tan áspero y a que es una sociedad basada en el patriarcado, en la que el código de honor, el espíritu corporativo y el valor tienen prioridad sobre la inteligencia y la cultura.
Ex: The soldier who died in Afghanistan yesterday was honoured for his valour during a skirmish in East Timor.
Ex: Only a good horseman, in fine fettle, with Herculean reserves of pluck and verve should consider this challenge.
* armarse de coraje = steel + Reflexivo ; muster (up) + (the) courage ; pluck up + courage ; gather up + courage ; nerve + Reflexivo.
* echarle coraje = pluck up + courage ; gather up + courage ; muster (up) + (the) courage ; steel + Reflexivo ; nerve + Reflexivo.
* falta de coraje = act of cowardice ; lack of courage ; lack of backbone.
* hacerse de coraje = muster (up) + (the) courage ; steel + Reflexivo ; pluck up + courage ; gather up + courage ; nerve + Reflexivo.
* tener coraje = pluck up + courage ; gather up + courage.
* tener (el) coraje para = have + the stomach for/to.
(n.) = anger.
Ex: The young librarian was not accustomed to seeing the head of reference red-faced with mute anger or the head of technical services mumbling uncontrollably to himself.
* dar coraje = peeve.

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