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storehouse, warehouse; reservoir; repository; deposit; escrow; pinfold; barrel, cistern
deposit; bond; dispose of; put down

Maintenance margin

reservoir, depot, morgue, deposit


it deposited deposit

(v.) = deposit ; lodge.
Ex: The run-off paper must be thick and absorbent to cope with the thick layer of ink deposited on it by the duplicator.
Ex: The actual report has been lodged at the British Library but has not been published.
* depositar confianza = place + trust.
(n.) = depository ; repository ; reservoir ; storehouse ; warehouse ; storage tank ; stack area ; storeroom [store-room] ; storing room ; stackroom [stack room, stack-room] ; tank ; depot ; stockroom ; reservoir ; storage facility ; storage room ; pool.
Ex: She began her career at Central Missouri State University where she was Head of the Documents depository.
Ex: Libraries are the repositories of the records produced and they have been aptly described as standing in the same relationship to society as does the memory to the individual.
Ex: The first alternative views the library as a storehouse for cultural materials, a reservoir of significant books.
Ex: The first alternative views the library as a storehouse for cultural materials, a reservoir of significant books.
Ex: Our warehouse shelter a 13 metre high, 60 ton ammonia retort and a 37 metre wingspan airliner.
Ex: Locate technical reports that discuss the design of storage tanks for hazardous materials.
Ex: All these issues were successfully addressed by rearranging study, reference, and stack areas and enclosing a small office to create a more vibrant, reference oriented library environment.
Ex: Mathematical models are presented that describe the diffusion of gaseous pollutants from the air in a storeroom into protective containers and the reaction with the documents lying in them.
Ex: It is unlikely for libraries in poor countries to set up a special building or storing room and finance its maintenance.
Ex: The lower level consists of the general workroom, librarian's office, bindery, stackroom, staff restroom, and soundproof listening rooms for students.
Ex: All air entering the building should be pumped through tanks of water to remove pollutants.
Ex: The depot buys the books for the schools and passes on to them some of the discount it receives by buying direct from the publishers.
Ex: Among the causes of damage to archival records, temperature, moisture content, and pollution of the air in stockrooms play an important role.
Ex: The article is entitled 'Tapping a serviceable resevoir: the selection of periodicals for art libraries'.
Ex: Due to a seasonal demand, when the storage facility is full this product has to be dumped into the quarry using dumpers.
Ex: All storage rooms where flammable liquids are stored should have restricted access and be properly identified.
Ex: Forming a pool, the participants share the cataloguing work and receive the contributions from all the others = Formando un fondo común, los participantes comparten el trabajo de catalogación y reciben las aportaciones de los demás.
* creación de depósitos de datos = data warehousing.
* depósito anejo = remote storage.
* depósito de agua = water tank.
* depósito de agua elevado = water tower.
* depósito de archivo = archival depot ; archives depot.
* depósito de armas = ammunition dump ; ammunition compound ; ammunition depot ; ammo depot ; ordnance depot.
* depósito de cadáveres = morgue ; mortuary.
* depósito de datos = data warehouse.
* depósito de documentos digitales = repository.
* depósito de documentos electrónicos = repository.
* depósito de gasoil de reserva = auxiliary diesel tank ; reserve diesel tank.
* depósito de gasolina de reserva = auxiliary gas tank ; reserve gas tank ; auxiliary petrol tank ; reserve petrol tank.
* depósito de la gasolina = gas tank ; petrol tank.
* depósito del combustible = fuel tank.
* depósito del gasoil = diesel tank.
* depósito de libros = book depot.
* depósito de muebles = furniture warehouse ; furniture repository.
* depósito de préstamos después de las horas de apertura = after-hours book drop.
* depósito de recursos electrónicos = electronic repository [e-repository].
* depósito de reserva = local reserve store ; reserve store.
* depósito de seguridad = storage vault.
* depósito para el detergente = detergent tank.
* depósito petrolero = oil reservoir.
* llenar el depósito = gas up.
* petición del depósito = stack request.
* tapón del depósito = filler cap.
(n.) = deposit ; security deposit ; earnest money.
Ex: Accommodation deposit will be refunded minus $25 handling fee = El depósito del alojamiento será reintegrado íntegramente, menos $25 de gastos de gestión.
Ex: Legal aid needs of off-campus students are greater due to possible disagreements concerning tenancy, security deposits, utility bills, exterminators, and increased risk of traffic tickets and accidents.
Ex: Along with the sales contract, you may also be asked to make a deposit, called earnest money, as a sign of your good faith or seriousness of your offer to buy the house.
* biblioteca de depósito = deposit library.
* biblioteca de depósito legal = copyright library ; depository library.
* certificado de depósito = certificate of deposit.
* colección de depósito legal = depository collection ; legal deposit collection ; deposit collection.
* depósito legal = legal deposit ; copyright deposit.
* garantía en depósito = escrow.
(n.) = deposition ; silt.
Nota: Capa fértil de tierra depositada por los ríos.
Ex: The deposition of the copper took a long time, although a large bath could take many moulds at once.
Ex: But the fertility of the muck and silt topsoil soon made it a profitable farming community.
* depósito glacial = glacial till ; till.

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