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unknown; unbeknown; newcomer; confidential; fameless
unknown, someone or something which is not known; someone or something that is unfamiliar
disclaim, disavow, disown

unknown, unbeknownst, unidentified


= stranger ; unfamiliar ; unheard of ; unidentified ; unknown ; unrecognised [unrecognized, -USA] ; outsider ; uncharted ; unchartered ; unheard ; unnoticed ; unnoted ; nomen nescio [N.N.].
Ex: Many Americans viewed this influx of strangers with alarm.
Ex: We are used to background noise in air conditioned buildings but the introduction of additional and unfamiliar sounds from AV equipment may be disturbing.
Ex: Hypermedia offers unheard of opportunities to gain insight into the way young people perceive, process and use information.
Ex: Names of speakers from the audience which were not clear from the tapes are listed as 'unidentified'.
Ex: Works with unknown or uncertain personal authorship, or works emanating from a body that lacks a name are to be entered under title.
Ex: It is undeniable that the ripest crop of unrecognised great inventors, long-lost heirs to dormant peerages, and assorted harmless drudges is to be gathered in the great general libraries of our major cities.
Ex: The library director does not want to take the chance that by allowing the trustees to get active he might lose partial control of the library operation to an 'outsider'.
Ex: News of boundless timber reserves spread, and before long lumberjacks from the thinning hardwood forests of New England swarmed into the uncharted area with no other possessions than their axes and brawn and the clothing they wore.
Ex: This author agrees that the facts listed above are unchartered.
Ex: As professionals are informed about the often unspoken and unheard stories relating to hearing loss, they can then serve with greater knowledge, empathy, and hope.
Ex: By retrieving and bringing together these two literatures, that implicit unstated, and perhaps unnoticed hypothesis becomes apparent.
Ex: This approach draws attention to hitherto unnoted relationships among concepts.
Ex: Nomen nescio, abbreviated to N.N., is used to signify an anonymous or non-specific person.
* algo desconocido = virgin territory.
* con intenciones desconocidas = with unknown intent.
* de causas desconocidas = idiopathic ; of unknown intent.
* de intenciones desconocidas = of unknown intent.
* de origen desconocido = unaccounted.
* de paradero desconocido = unaccounted ; of unknown whereabouts.
* desconocido, lo = unfamiliar, the ; unknown, the.
* Dimensión Desconocida = The Twilight Zone.
* fuente desconocida = unknown source.
* hablar en lengua desconocida = talk in + tongues.
* joya desconocida = hidden jewel ; hidden gem.
* líquido desconocido = foreign substance.
* miedo a lo desconocido = fear of the unknown.
* miedo hacia lo desconocido = fear of the unknown.
* moverse en terreno desconocido = be out of + Posesivo + depth ; be in over + Posesivo + head.
* origen desconocido = unknown source.
* paradero desconocido = unknown whereabouts.
* pisar terreno desconocido = be out of + Posesivo + depth ; be in over + Posesivo + head.
* por alguna razón desconocida = for some unknown reason.
* por causas desconocidas = of unknown intent.
* producto desconocido = foreign substance.
* salto hacia lo desconocido = leap into + the unknown.
* ser desconocido para = be alien to.
* ser un desconocido = not know + Pronombre + from Adam.
* sustancia desconocida = foreign substance.
* terreno desconocido = unchartered territory ; unchartered waters.
* territorio desconocido = unfamiliar territory ; unchartered territory ; unchartered waters.
* tierra desconocida = terra incognita.
* valor desconocido = unknown.
(v.) = be unaware of ; remain + unaware of ; have + no understanding of.
Ex: To all intents and purposes he is unaware of its existence.
Ex: Unfortunately, the majority of the public, and in particular those most in need of information -- the disadvantaged -- remain largely unaware of an 'information gap' in their lives.
Ex: Someone who is too honest sounds like a lunatic because they seem to have no understanding of how the world works.
* desconocer el paradero = be unaccounted for.
* desconocer totalmente = be blissfully unaware.
* desconocer totalmente Algo = not know the first thing about.

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