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description, depiction; explanation; portrayal; documentation

description description


description description

(n.) = description ; disclosure ; identification ; picture ; specification ; specifications ; profiling ; depiction ; recounting ; portrayal.
Ex: The indexing process creates a description of a document or information, usually in some recognized and accepted style of format.
Ex: The patent abstract is a concise statement of the technical disclosure of the patent and must emphasize that which is new in the context of the invention.
Ex: The second step towards an index involves the identification of the concepts within a document which are worthy of indexing.
Ex: No pretence is made of their being either a balanced or complete picture of the article.
Ex: The Working Group was charged with the specification of the procedures and studies needed to undertake the tasks.
Ex: The specifications, however, are confined to the overall structure and major functional components of the entry.
Ex: Some excursions into cognitive science have led to the profiling of users' backgrounds, differences and immediate need.
Ex: Miss Laski suggests that the depiction of life found in many novels is naive, over-simplified and, as a constant diet, can do more harm than good.
Ex: This is a recounting of the technologies most likely to facilitate the sharing of resources among libraries.
Ex: Pictorial sources are created by the portrayal of historical events or subjects using, inter alia, a paint brush, drawing-pen, or pencil, graphic techniques or the camera.
* área de descripción = area of description.
* área de descripción física = physical description area.
* Centro Internacional para la Descripción Bibliográfica del UNISIST = UNIBID.
* descripción analítica = analytical description.
* descripción bibliográfica = bibliographic description.
* descripción bibliográfica de primer nivel = first-level bibliographic description.
* Descripción Bibliográfica Normalizada Internacional (ISBD) = ISBD (International Standard Bibliographic Description).
* Descripción Bibliográfica Normalizada Internacional - material antiguo (ISBD = ISBD(A) (International Standard Bibliographic Description - Antiquarian).
* descripción catalográfica = cataloguing description.
* Descripción de Archivos Codificada (EAD) = Encoded Archival Description (EAD).
* descripción de documentos de archivo = archival description.
* descripción de las funciones = job description ; job profile.
* descripción del contenido = subject statement.
* descripción del documento = document description.
* descripción del puesto de trabajo = job description ; position description ; job profile.
* descripción del solicitante = personnel description.
* descripción de subcampo = subfield description.
* descripción detallada de los hechos = graphic details.
* descripción documental = document description.
* descripción física = physical description ; physical details.
* descripción global = outline.
* descripción pormenorizada de los hechos = graphic details.
* hacer una descripción = give + description.
* ISBD(S) (Descripción Bibliográfica Normalizada Internacional para Publicacio = ISBD(S) (International Standard Bibliographic Description - Serials).
* Manual de Descripción de Archivos = Manual of Archival Description (MAD).
* niveles de detalle en la descripción = levels of detail in the description.
* Norma General Internacional para la Descripción de Archivos (ISAD-G) = General International Standard Archival Description (ISAD(G)).
* Norma Internacional para la Descripción de Archivos (ISAD) = International Standard Archival Description (ISAD).

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