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liability, disadvantage, handicap; drawback, downside


(n.) = disadvantage ; drawback ; flaw ; limitation ; weakness ; minus [minuses, pl.] ; downside ; weak point.
Ex: Item record indexes, whatever their physical format, share certain advantages and disadvantages.
Ex: The drawbacks of this form are its limited flexibility, and the time taken in maintenance.
Ex: The author lists 10 advantages of procuring the journals through STC, but counterbalances these by listing 14 flaws in the corporation's organisation.
Ex: In general then, the analytical approach is to be preferred, but it does have two limitations.
Ex: The strengths and weaknesses of natural language indexing derive from this basic characteristic.
Ex: Whether these differences are pluses or minuses depends very much on a library's needs and expectations.
Ex: The article 'The upside and downside of information highway capitology' compares the writings of optimistic futurists and pessimistic visionaries on the subject of the information superhighway.
Ex: Both earch engines has their own strong and weak points.
* adolecer de una desventaja = suffer from + a limitation.
* desventaja del primero en tomar la iniciativa = first-mover disadvantage.
* desventaja del primero que hace Algo = first-mover disadvantage ; first-mover advantage.
* encontrarse en desventaja = find + Reflexivo + at a disadvantage.
* estar en desventaja = be disadvantaged ; be at a disadvantage.
* la desventaja es que = on the downside ; on the minus side.
* personas en situación de desventaja = disadvantaged, the.
* ventajas y desventajas = trade-off [tradeoff/trade off] ; pros and cons ; benefits and pitfalls.
* ventajas (y/o) desventajas = merits (and/or) demerits ; advantages (and/or) disadvantages ; strengths (and/or) weaknesses ; pluses (and/or) minuses.
* ver desventajas = see + drawbacks.

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