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conversation, dialogue


(n.) = dialogue [dialog, -USA] ; talking ; verbal transaction ; verbal exchange.
Ex: The user is led through a dialogue which prompts him to specify the parameters of the data base to be created.
Ex: The script was improvised on an outline which, I gathered, was the result of three sessions' hard talking to decide whose ideas out of the many suggested should be used.
Ex: It is not uncommon for a verbal transaction to present one message while nonverbal cues are communicating quite a different message.
Ex: He makes his interlocutors wonder whether his violations of maxims are caused by mental aberration, rather than a conscious intent to disrupt verbal exchange.
* diálogo constructivo = constructive dialogue.
* diálogo de historieta gráfica = cartoon blurb.
* diálogo entre especialistas = scholarly communication.
* diálogo pacífico = peaceful talks.
* diálogo para la cumplimentación de plantillas = form-filling dialogue.
* provocar un diálogo = elicit + dialogue.
* relativo al diálogo = conversationally.
* suscitar el diálogo = spark + dialogue.
* suscitar un diálogo = elicit + dialogue.

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