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sprite, elf, fairy, goblin

hob, sprite, puck, elf, goblin


(n.) = leprechaun ; goblin ; troll ; hobgoblin ; kobold.
Ex: At our library in Minnesota we have clearly identified material that deals with mudpies, leprechauns, senior power, red power, the Chinese New Year, prisoners' rights, and workers' control.
Ex: The game 'Memory for Goblins' has been developed primarily for use in the assessment of working memory.
Ex: Like evil trolls guarding the gates, the copyright controllers are trying to hold sway over our actions and create walled gardens around knowledge repositories.
Ex: For example, in some legends, hobgoblins are viewed as harmful, while in other traditions, they are supposed to be friendly guides.
Ex: This indiscriminate gluttony is easily a kobold's weakness and one of the most successful ways to ensure their defeat.

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